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Music edition

shaun of the dead poster   Instead of a video I wanted to share an awesome music website I found recently:  Delicious!  If you are overwhelmed, check out his posting on the famous “Apache” song/breakbeat.  (Yea I realize this has jack to do with scooters.  So what.) 

Oh yea, it’s Halloween too.  What better way to celebrate than going to the Tip Top (downtown) and enjoying a showing of Shaun of the Dead!!  (Click on the poster for a bigger – readable – version.)  Absolutely brilliant movie, unless you don’t appreciate zombie movies.  It’s a rom-zom-com, or romantic zombie comedy.  (See, doesn’t that alone make you want to go??)  Best of all, the movie is powered by a bike.


Grandview EuroBike Night

panorama of Eurobike night Today (10/30) is the last EuroBike Night of the year, in Grandview.  6 PM at the Bank Block, Grandview Ave and West 2nd Ave. Despite the name, it is open to all, even scooters, and non-Euro scooters.  Usually the Modern Vespa group (Easy Peasey is their name) go on a ride around 7 PM.

As the winter weather rolls in, many casual riders stop riding.  To make up for the decrease in events (group rides, rallies) I will be interviewing various folks.  First interview will be posted in a bit, with a Columbus rider who rides year-round, yes even in the winter.

parking spotlight: Portland

Like all good city planners, Portland has been on the top of my travel list for a while now.  Smart Park is the city’s parking system.  They can “accomodate your bike [motorcycle] for only $30 per month.”  Compare that to the lowest listed car rate: $100 per month.  (Source:

They recently created a “Motorcycle and Scooter Citizen Advisory Committee” which will cover topics like safety, parking, and education with speakers, data, and discussion.  That and more can be found at their site:  Their interactive google map could be better (I assume the red dots are number of spaces) but it’s wonderful to see all this attention paid to non-car modes of travel.  Their “Office of Transportation” lists every option you can think of, and probably a few you hadn’t.

ATGATT (don’t daydream in a scooter)

boot compared to sneaker   I have wanted to preach about this before, but have held back because I had other things to talk about.  And the point of my page is not “gear gear gear.”  But today I will preach.  Don’t worry this won’t become a regular thing (Safety Fridays!) and there’s no gruesome pictures to scare you into wearing proper gear.  Other websites do that already.  This is also an unusually long post, but I figure those of you who don’t want to hear this will prefer being able to just skip onto the next post, as opposed to dragging this post out into a week-long series.

ATGATT is an acronym that stands for All The Gear, All The Time.  I’m a firm believer in it, and recently was in a very minor accident which proved the worth of ATGATT.  (I originally wrote this post when it first happened – I have scootered several times since and have healed up fine.)  I won’t go into details, but in broad daylight, at low speeds (estimated 15-20 mph), on a road I travel daily, I mis-judged something, ran into something, and ended up going down with the scooter.  The good news is I am fine. 

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Web searches for scooter sites

doggie on scooter   A real post will be coming tomorrow.  I have been busy with my dog, although sadly not scootering with my dog.  Of course if you must scooter with the dog, give it safety equipment (shown above) such as dog-sized helmet and goggles.  They really do sell this stuff!  The photo below is from Taiwan, where this dog looks quite calm and the owner is at least wearing some sort of helmet.  However, let the record show I do not condone this type of dog scootering.

dog on scooter without goggles

It’s funny to see how people find my site.  Lots of neon searches, including “DO YOU SOME NEON LIGHT.”  (Their caps, not mine.)  “Scooter met neon licht” which I believe is German for “Scooter with neon light.”  I know I still have not posted the neon instructions, but it’s coming.  Another great search today was “cars that run on peanut butter.”  I am about to search for that myself and see if those exist! 

DJ alert and EuroBike Night

Two events for ya:

Next Tuesday (10/30) is the last EuroBike Night of the year, in Grandview.  6 PM at the Bank Block, Grandview Ave and West 2nd Ave. Despite the name, it is open to all, even scooters, and non-Euro scooters.

And this Saturday DJ Irene will be in town.  More info here:  Good electronic music.  In her honor, here is a video of her.  (Safe for work) 

parking spotlight: Chicago

Old Honda ad

This is an old Honda scooter ad.  Chicago has scooter parking regulations.  Scooters in the city of Chicago are prohibited from parking on the sidewalk, as well as bicycle racks.  But Chicago didn’t stop there… they have a brochure explaining parking, as well as paying!

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