Monthly Archives: April 2008

Events this weekend!

EuroBike Night. Saturday.  4 – 9 PM.  All types of scooters and motorcycles welcome.

From the Modern Vespa board, there will a group ride leaving North Market at 12 noon on Sunday.  All are welcome.

That is all.

Euro Bike Night Returns

Euro Bike Night is kicking off the new season on April 26th.  (Yes the same day as Earth Day here in Columbus, I know.)  This year they have a sponsor, and a website.  The website lists dates for the event in Grandview, and you may recognize the header photo, taken at one of last year’s nights.  While they focus on European motorcycles and scooters, they do not exclude anyone.  (So my Kymco scooter is welcome, as are Hondas, etc…)

I know that day is busy, but if you like motorcycles and scooters you should check out Grandview.  The bike night will go from 4 PM – 9 PM, and it is at the same time as the Grandview Art Hop.

Riding with our bicycle friends

I haven’t gone back and found the link yet, but previously I posted about riding in the middle of the lane.  Which is good advice.  But I also said something about not being in the right half by the curb, because that’s where the bicycles belong.

I was wrong.  Bicycles certainly belong on the street, but they also belong in the middle of the lane.  This is legal.  In fact, in the City of Columbus it is illegal to ride your bicycle on the sidewalk.  If you are on your scooter (or motorcycle or car) and come up to a bicyclist, the best thing you can do is pass them by moving into a different lane.  Treat them as you would another scooter (a stranger you did not know) or a car.  And so ends the public service announcement.  🙂