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Kymco People S200 Maintenance – Spark Plug

Here is a great maintenance report from my significant other.  He has a Kymco People S200, not my People 150.  Below is his maintenance report on changing his spark plug.

Recently, I was having problems getting my scooter started. After checking the battery voltage and a few other things, I decided to take a look at the spark plug. The operator and repair manual were of little help, instructing the owner to “remove the spark plug” without much direction as to how to get there. Granted, I had a repair manual for the People 150, but they are basically the same underneath it all.

After removing the seat and looking around, I decided to document the process for anyone else that might want to try this. If you are not comfortable poking around your scooter’s components, talk to your mechanic. 

Tools you will need: Phillips- and flat-head screwdrivers, metric Allen wrenches (5-7mm), 10mm hex socket with ratchet, and the spark plug tool, which should be with the small tools set that came with the scooter.  Full directions with more photos on the flipside…

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