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Motohio event Saturday!

Sorry for being so late in posting this… ride safe this weekend everybody!

Motohio is the local authorized Vespa dealer.  They are moving and the Grand Opening is from 10 AM to 2 PM tomorrow (Saturday) May 24th.  There should be food.  They are now selling the Genuine line, so you can now look to them for the Buddy and Stella.  If you are also into motorcycles they have those too.  Here is their new location.  Basically out kinda by Reynoldsburg.

(Hat tip to Stephen for the info.)

EuroBike Night 6 – 9 PM Tuesday

The first of the “usually on Tuesday this year” EuroBike Nights is Tuesday.  (May 20th)  Thanks for the reminders people left in the comments.  It’s 6 – 9 PM in Grandview.  The raffle drawing is at 8 PM, you must be present to win.  Reserved parking is back on the west side like last year, next to Spagio’s and Jeni’s and Stauf’s.  As always, their focus is on European Bikes (motorcycles and scooters) but they welcome everyone.

Keep reading for Stephen’s full run-down…

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Easy Peasey Scooter Club site

Easy Peasey is a scooter club with the slogan “No Dues, No Meetings, No Crybabies.”  They have a “chapter” if you could call it that, here in Columbus.  Many of the regular Modern Vespa posters are Easy Peasey members.  So please check their site for updates on rides.  Looks like they are meeting at noon this Sunday at North Market.  If it’s crummy weather maybe they will just do a short ride.

(And EZPZ people, sorry I haven’t started posting on the EZPZ board, just haven’t had the time.)

New scooter store in Columbus

Looks like their first official day was during last Saturday’s Gallery Hop. They were passing out free T-shirts, flyers, and you could check out the Lambrettas they had out. They are in the Short North, next to Salon Lofts, kind of set back from High Street. Near 1st Avenue.

I will hold off on adding them to the “Where to Buy” page until they are more established, but I’m happy to see a new scooter store (and possibly shop) opening up. Great location! Lambrettas and Diamos, hmmm!

Sponsor Scoot A Que 11

Know a potential sponsor for Scoot A Que? Interested in getting your product/service front and center to scooterists in Columbus? I am not a Cutter, I don’t organize Scoot A Que, but you can check out their sponsorship packet here:

I am totally digging the design. As I posted before, admire the design process via Flickr. (And I didn’t have anything to do with that either.)

Buying Tips

There is growing interest in scooters, and I wanted to share some tips about buying.  I think here in Columbus it is best to figure out what type of scooter you want (for example 150 cc, used low-mileage Vespa).  It is more important to get a scooter you like than to worry too much about which store to buy it from.  (Although, of course if you want a new Vespa then odds are you’ll be buying from MotOhio.)

A test drive is a must, and it goes without saying that you must see it in person if buying used.  Be careful with Craigslist postings.  I saw many photos posted of “Kymco” scooters or “Honda” scooters and the photo was obviously some other brand of scooter.  Do you research, don’t get burned.  Take a friend with you who scooters if you can’t test drive it yourself.  (Check the top speed, very important.)

Not sure what scooter you want?  Ask yourself some questions –
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May is Transportation Challenge Month

Euro BikeNight was a blast… they have posted some photos on their website.  Looking forward to the next one.

There is apparently a new scooter shop in the Short North… I will be checking it out soon and I’ll add it to the list on the “Where to Buy in Columbus” page.

And this May (starting today!) is Transportation Challenge Month over at Columbus Underground.  There are lots of links for alternatives to your solo car commute at the CU thread.