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Shameless ask for logo help

I am smart enough to know when my talents are lacking.  They lack in the design/logo arena.  If you are someone with the skills to create a good logo for my site, Peanut Butter Scooter Time, then feel free to leave a comment here with your email and/or thoughts.  No pay, unfortunately, but I’ll give you credit.  My site does have quite a few hits, so you would be reaching a fair amount of people.  Thanks! And now back to your regularly-scheduled scooter stuff.

SAQ 11 coming up!

Scoot-A-Que, the rally put on by the Cutters, is coming up September 12-14. 

The much anticipated and long-awaited Scoot-a-Que 11 is almost here!  You
can pre-register now for a measly $11 which includes a T-shirt, tons of
free food, music, dancing and more Scoot-related mayhem and awesomeness
than you can find anywhere else.

This is a great rally, the 11th one!  Pre-reg is now $14.  I think the T-shirt design is very sweet.

More information:

Ride to Work, erm, today

Ride to Work Day is today.

I’ve been busy and I forgot to post it here.  (Bad scooterist!)

Now it makes sense that the City did their parking event today… (duh)

A good article on scooters

I’m a little surprised. The local paper, Columbus Dispatch, published an article today about scooters. After reading it, I like it! There are no stunning inaccuracies, or teeth-grating biases. Yay!! (Oftentimes when a paper does an article on scooters, it has several factual errors.) I will give credit where credit is due – good job Kevin Joy!

Here are some quotes from it:

Motohio sold three times more scooters than motorcycles in May — an unheard-of ratio for the 4-year-old business…   … the Speed Factory is out of scooters — with a waiting list 30 names deep, said manager Aaron Saez, who expects more scooters this month.

If a place sells both motorcycles and scooters, they make more money on motorcycles, and tend to focus on them.  Motorcycle-focused shops, take note!  You are losing out on sales if you ignore scooters and scooter buyers.

Urban parking, of course, is sometimes a pain…. Unchained, a scooter becomes an easy target for thieves… Mike Brown, coordinator of urban ventures for Columbus, recently met with riders. Mayor Michael B. Coleman, he said, will soon announce details of a scooter- and motorcycle-parking initiative.

Well this is good news.  Hopefully the initiative will be excellent!  (Other thoughts on Columbus Scooter Parking can be found here:

Go read the entire article.  Links the article could have included are below.  (This is not a knock on this particular article, most Dispatch articles have few, if any, links.  It’s nice they include store names, addresses, and phone numbers, but for many of us linking to the website is more useful.)

Where to Buy a Scooter in Columbus (full disclosure – obviously this is my own page)

Cutters Forum (the vintage group)

EPSP Forum (the whatever group).  Looks like they are riding out from North Market on Sunday, 11 AM.

Just do it

Don’t talk, do it.  Don’t plan, do it.

Well, OK sometimes you do have to plan.  And sometimes you do have to talk.  Chatting about a topic with several people usually nets you better ideas than if you just think by yourself.  So one of my pet projects is getting scooter parking here in Columbus… so as part of helping that cause I “made” a website this past weekend.  Without further ado –

Go to it.  Comment.  Share your ideas, whether you are in Columbus or not.

Getting parking and going to camp

1. Columbus needs scooter parking.  (I know, that’s not news.)  The news is that a group of people have met and we’re working towards getting scooter parking.  (Technically scooter and motorcycle parking.)  I will post more news about this, including the new website that we’ll be using to coordinate our efforts and share information.  Details at 11.  Ha ha.  No, details tomorrow.

2. If you are interested in blogs/using the web/video/podcasting/ “social media tools” then you should attend the Pod Camp Ohio.  This event is free, and it’s in Hilliard.  True it’s held the Saturday of Comfest, but you can always go another day or after the Pod Camp is over.  (It’s basically 9 AM – 6 PM.)  I will be attending.  Now I can tell everyone that I’m “going to camp.”  Camp is always fun, right?  Beginners are welcome.

3. Modern Vespa ride this Sunday.  North Market 12 noon.  Non-vespas are welcome.

Editorial comment: For various reasons, I am in a flipping good mood.  *happy dance*  Yay!!

Ride safe this weekend!

Ride to Work Day

Looking into the future… get ready for this year’s Ride To Work Day.  Mark your calendars, it’s Wednesday July 16th.  One of their key issues, BTW, is getting people to recognize scooters and motorcycles need our own parking.  Not like that’s ever an issue here in metro Columbus.  </sarcasm>

I may try to do a little video about it.  We shall see.

Motohio event Saturday!

Sorry for being so late in posting this… ride safe this weekend everybody!

Motohio is the local authorized Vespa dealer.  They are moving and the Grand Opening is from 10 AM to 2 PM tomorrow (Saturday) May 24th.  There should be food.  They are now selling the Genuine line, so you can now look to them for the Buddy and Stella.  If you are also into motorcycles they have those too.  Here is their new location.  Basically out kinda by Reynoldsburg.

(Hat tip to Stephen for the info.)

EuroBike Night 6 – 9 PM Tuesday

The first of the “usually on Tuesday this year” EuroBike Nights is Tuesday.  (May 20th)  Thanks for the reminders people left in the comments.  It’s 6 – 9 PM in Grandview.  The raffle drawing is at 8 PM, you must be present to win.  Reserved parking is back on the west side like last year, next to Spagio’s and Jeni’s and Stauf’s.  As always, their focus is on European Bikes (motorcycles and scooters) but they welcome everyone.

Keep reading for Stephen’s full run-down…

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Easy Peasey Scooter Club site

Easy Peasey is a scooter club with the slogan “No Dues, No Meetings, No Crybabies.”  They have a “chapter” if you could call it that, here in Columbus.  Many of the regular Modern Vespa posters are Easy Peasey members.  So please check their site for updates on rides.  Looks like they are meeting at noon this Sunday at North Market.  If it’s crummy weather maybe they will just do a short ride.

(And EZPZ people, sorry I haven’t started posting on the EZPZ board, just haven’t had the time.)

New scooter store in Columbus

Looks like their first official day was during last Saturday’s Gallery Hop. They were passing out free T-shirts, flyers, and you could check out the Lambrettas they had out. They are in the Short North, next to Salon Lofts, kind of set back from High Street. Near 1st Avenue.

I will hold off on adding them to the “Where to Buy” page until they are more established, but I’m happy to see a new scooter store (and possibly shop) opening up. Great location! Lambrettas and Diamos, hmmm!

Sponsor Scoot A Que 11

Know a potential sponsor for Scoot A Que? Interested in getting your product/service front and center to scooterists in Columbus? I am not a Cutter, I don’t organize Scoot A Que, but you can check out their sponsorship packet here:

I am totally digging the design. As I posted before, admire the design process via Flickr. (And I didn’t have anything to do with that either.)

Buying Tips

There is growing interest in scooters, and I wanted to share some tips about buying.  I think here in Columbus it is best to figure out what type of scooter you want (for example 150 cc, used low-mileage Vespa).  It is more important to get a scooter you like than to worry too much about which store to buy it from.  (Although, of course if you want a new Vespa then odds are you’ll be buying from MotOhio.)

A test drive is a must, and it goes without saying that you must see it in person if buying used.  Be careful with Craigslist postings.  I saw many photos posted of “Kymco” scooters or “Honda” scooters and the photo was obviously some other brand of scooter.  Do you research, don’t get burned.  Take a friend with you who scooters if you can’t test drive it yourself.  (Check the top speed, very important.)

Not sure what scooter you want?  Ask yourself some questions –
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May is Transportation Challenge Month

Euro BikeNight was a blast… they have posted some photos on their website.  Looking forward to the next one.

There is apparently a new scooter shop in the Short North… I will be checking it out soon and I’ll add it to the list on the “Where to Buy in Columbus” page.

And this May (starting today!) is Transportation Challenge Month over at Columbus Underground.  There are lots of links for alternatives to your solo car commute at the CU thread.

Events this weekend!

EuroBike Night. Saturday.  4 – 9 PM.  All types of scooters and motorcycles welcome.

From the Modern Vespa board, there will a group ride leaving North Market at 12 noon on Sunday.  All are welcome.

That is all.

Euro Bike Night Returns

Euro Bike Night is kicking off the new season on April 26th.  (Yes the same day as Earth Day here in Columbus, I know.)  This year they have a sponsor, and a website.  The website lists dates for the event in Grandview, and you may recognize the header photo, taken at one of last year’s nights.  While they focus on European motorcycles and scooters, they do not exclude anyone.  (So my Kymco scooter is welcome, as are Hondas, etc…)

I know that day is busy, but if you like motorcycles and scooters you should check out Grandview.  The bike night will go from 4 PM – 9 PM, and it is at the same time as the Grandview Art Hop.

For the bicyclists

A bit off topic if you are a hard-core scooterist, but here is a website that breaks down the costs between riding a bike and driving a car.  Note that I don’t pretend that riding my scooter is as environmentally-friendly or as healthy (exercise-wise) as riding a bicycle.  I think his breakdown of costs could be a good model to follow for a car vs. scooter breakdown.  Which I will finish one of these days.  🙂

February in Columbus

Well only about 6 months too late, but I am close to posting my video about OSU motorcycle (and scooter!) parking on youtube.  At the latest it will be up this weekend.

In other news, for those of us in Columbus, there are some fun groupsourced monthly challenges.  January was no challenge.  February is the Indie Art Capital Challenge.  As you may or may not know, Columbus is the Indie Art Capital of the World.

(Looking ahead, May is the transit challenge.  So if you drive your car all the time, in May you try to carpool, or take the bus, or walk, or work from home, or take your bicycle, or …. scooter!)

Driving a car stinks

I currently take the bus most days.  Last week I drove (a car)  a few days and it stunk.  I really dislike dealing with all the other “drivers” who are usually pre-occupied with other things like their cell phone or makeup or their child’s toy.  Soon enough I will try out scootering, because even if it’s the same route and the same stupid cagers, I know from before that scootering makes me happy.

At any rate, this isn’t the most news-worthy post.  Not that I ever claimed to be a journalist.  Please visit this lovely Columbus-focused site for all of your transportation news fixins… including occasional scooter news.

Which reminds me, if you don’t usually drive (but have a license) you can rent a car from Zipcar, currently with 15 different cars at OSU’s campus.  If you don’t get it read the posts on Xing Columbus to get up to speed.  (It’s car sharing, so you don’t own the car, you pay to use it but gas and parking on campus is free.)

Scoot A Q 11…

Everyday I become more convinced that everything is related.  It’s all intertwined.  What does this mean for you?  More philosophical posts?  Long boring college-student “meaning of life” stuff?  No, no… it means that I find scooter information, even specific to Columbus, in the funniest places.  It’s like when you’re a kid and you run into a teacher you like in the grocery store, and you realize they have a life outside of being your teacher and sitting in the classroom.  A nice surprise.  Unexpected, but fun.

Scoot A Q 11 logo design, see it in process.  Very good looking.  Go on and mark your calendar now, Sept 12 – 14.  Whoot!