Full recap later below, basically it was a blast. Here are some links to photos. If you start looking at the various photos, I can’t promise they are all safe for work. For the page collection scroll down to the bottom. And here is a nice flickr set of Scoot-A-Que 10.
(posted 9/21/07)
Here’s my recap of Scoot-A-Que. My first one, and I loved it! It really was open to all and most people were very friendly and relaxed. There were all types of scooters there, modern/vintage, every brand you can think of, even 2 or 3 sidecars. There were also some “maxi scooters” that look almost like motorcycles, and can easily cruise at 90 mph on the freeway.

Friday night: was tired from the week and so caged it over to Little Brothers. Our pre-reg online had worked great, and we got our swag bags. My first ever scooter patch! Enjoyed chatting with some friends, but didn’t stay too long. Took some photos of the bikes, mostly vintage. Impressed that there were so many from outside Columbus.

Saturday: despite the intention of getting breakfast, we completely missed that. Which is really too bad, because everyone I talked to about it was raving about the food.  Arrived just before the take-off for the big ride out. Enough time to park, marvel at how many scooter showed up, and see some familiar faces. Finally we heard the other scooter revving up and we excitedly got back on our scooters. As we all took off there was the whole, “are you going? can I go?” wordless exchanges. We got our place in line and slowly inched forward. We were about four scooter wide across the road, it was awesome! Funny enough, as we moved forward at about 1 mph we saw Mike, from Gem City Rollers. We had met Mike the weekend before at the Yellow Springs camping rally, great guy! We shook hands again and I was really happy to see him. Finally, off we went. As we got more speed we went to the more standard 2 (sometimes 3) wide across the lane, somewhat staggered.

As we went east out Broad Street (a major road here in Columbus for those of you reading who weren’t there/don’t know) we were treated to some lane-blocking. Tip for other newbies: don’t sit in the far right, and don’t get in the “open” right lane. The lane-blockers need that space to zoom past everyone to get in location to block the next intersection.  And sometimes the blockers zoom past on the left as well, so be aware.

There were no problems that I could see. Most cagers were amused/bewildered and many walkers were as well. Some people waved or smiled. If little kids waved or seemed really excited I would honk a hello.

First stop was BP for gas. Second stop was the Franklin Conservatory for a big group photo and to rest. Restrooms were hard to find there, unfortunately. The group photo was cool, and while we all rested everyone walked around and admired other scoots, and met up with friends. The estimates I have heard were 144 to 160 scooters on this ride. WOW!!

Finally we finished our ride with a trip to Gatsby’s by the airport. We got not 1 but 2 separate police escorts along the way. While there were varying levels of scoot experience, there were no accidents at all! It is definitely a different experience riding in a group.

At Gatsby’s we were treated to a decent BBQ (hot dogs, condiments, potato salad) on the house. Everyone just chilled out, ate and visited. A motorcyclist came into the parking lot while I was checking out some of the other scooters. I figured he was a “regular customer” since Gatsby’s has motorcycle parking spaces. (cool!) Instead, he just wanted to know what was going on with all the scooters. He saw us riding in a group and found us. I told him it was a scooter rally, and it turns out his wife has a little 50 cc type scooter. He was sad it wouldn’t go faster, and I made sure to point out all the scooters there that have no problems going faster than 40 mph. Then he just got back on his motorcycle and rode off. Funny to me.

People kind of left in different groups from Gatsby’s. I know some were disappointed we didn’t return to the North Market in one big group, but the weather was perfect and I think lots of people just wanted to ride. Also several of the traveling groups wanted to hit the road to get a start on their ride home, since they weren’t all spending Saturday night in Columbus. I left with a group, the leader I think thought he was leading a group of about 8 of us. At the first red light he turns around and sees about 30 scooters following him. !! But he’s from Columbus and knew the route back no problem so it wasn’t an issue.

After a 5-minute rest at North Market, we cut out from Scoot-A-Que to go to a friend’s. We scootered from there to dinner, and then headed back to High 5, the night spot. We bought raffle tickets but sadly did not win. The lady who won though, seems really nice and didn’t have her own scooter, so that’s cool. (If you didn’t know, the raffle money goes to a non-profit, Camp Sunrise, which is for teens impacted by HIV/AIDS. Final totals of how much money was raised for Camp Sunrise are not yet available, but I think it’s great that while the Cutters put on Scoot-A-Que they don’t go around yelling to everyone – “we help a charity with this!!!” Much classier.) At High 5 there was more free food (burgers, dogs, chips, various salads) but we just had some cake. We were a bit tired so we ducked out early, but I don’t think the music was really our scene anyways.

Sunday: We arrived at Tip Top for the breakfast special, $5 for a great plate of food, very filling. It was a little anti-climatic after Saturday, but that’s how it goes.

Thanks to the Cutters for putting on a fabulous rally!  (posted 9/25/07)
Scoot-A-Que is the local scooter rally put on by the Columbus Cutters.  I am not officially a Cutter, but I want to spread the word about the event.  This is an annual event, and this is the 10th year!  Sept. 14-16. 

If you have a scooter, you should go – register today!  If you are curious about scooters, then you should go to at least one of the events and see all the scooters.  People are riding here from as far away as Salem Virginia (yes she’s riding in on her scooter), then all us local Columbus people should go.

I’ve put together information from the Cutters below.  Hopefully it helps having it all on one page.  Thanks to the Cutters for setting up the rally!  Here are some pics from last year’s rally.

Scooterists can register online here:  (Paypal or credit card accepted.)  $15 per person.  That includes a commemorative T-shirt, a rally bag (free stuff) and a swanky wristband.  You can also register during Scoot-A-Q at the following locations:

The official schedule
Friday (9/14)
-8pm to 11pm: Meet and Greet at the Little Palace (240 S. 4th Street, downtown) with DJ Killer B.
-11:30pm: a screening of The Original Italian at Studio 35 (3055 Indianola Avenue, Clintonville).

Saturday (9/15)
-9:30am to noon: Breakfast at the North Market (59 Spruce Street, short north).
-12:00pm: THE RIDE leaves promptly at noon and will have a lunch stop, then back to the North Market for the Microbrew Festival.
-9:00 pm: party at High Five (1227 N. High Street) with the DJ Dave Espionage, bands The Grave Blankets and Cult of the Psychic Fetus, food, beer, raffle and trophies.

Sunday (9/16)
-11am: special discounted breakfast at Tip Top Kitchen (73 E. Gay St, downtown).

Detailed schedule:
Registration points map:
The “Any Excuse To Ride Tour” – the lady riding from Salem VA to Columbus just to attend Scoot-A-Q.

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