Where to Buy

Going scooter shopping in Columbus, Ohio?  This page will help you.  (I moved my thoughts to the end, scroll down for them.)

Please note I am not affiliated with any particular store or brand, I make no money or anything off you visiting or buying from one store over another.

Motohio – Vespas and Piaggios (and the Genuine line as of May 2008 )
out by Reynoldsburg

Speed Factory (formerly Supersonic Scooters) – Vespa, Lambretta, Buddy, Bajaj
Clintonville on N. High Street

Zoot Scoots – Italjet, Kymco, Malaguti, TNG
by Grandview and also a new (summer 2008 ) Clintonville location

KickStart – Lambretta and Diamo
High Street in the Short North.  (This is a new store as of summer 2008 .)

Hilliard Motorcycle store – BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha  http://www.ohiomotorcycle.com/

The Hilliard store is not focused on scooters.  In fact, a reader recently had a ridiculously bad experience there. So I am leaving them up, but don’t go there expecting decent customer service.

Here is a site with some good general advice for newbie buyers: http://2strokebuzz.com/index.php/?p=2757


Last Thursday I met somebody interested in buying a scooter, but she didn’t know where to start.  That was the kick in the pants I needed to start this blog.  (Well that and finally having some free time!)  I wrote down some URL’s and store names, but it would have been so much easier to tell her, just go to my scooter blog: scooterfan.wordpress.com.

Motorcycle stores will also sell you a scooter (like the Hilliard place for example) but most of them are traditional sales stores.  (Sleazy salesman alert!!) 

The sales people work on commission there, and they sell ATV’s, motorcycles, and sometimes boats and other watercraft, and sometimes even generators and lawnmowers.  Scooters are pretty much the cheapest thing in their store, and they make very few scooter sales.  So don’t be surprised if they don’t have many scooters in their showroom, or if they show a complete lack of interest in you when you tell them you are looking to buy a scooter.  I think you will get a better experience at one of the “big 3″ in town: Zoot Scoots, Speed Factory, or Motohio.  (Note that Motohio sells both motorcycles and scooters, but I have met several people who have gotten their Vespa or Piaggio at Motohio so I don’t think they are like the rest of the ATV/boat/generator/motorcycle stores.)

(Edited to add: Motohio is actually the official Vespa of Columbus dealer, so clearly scooters are important to them.)

So Hannah, welcome to my blog!  Let me know if it helps you.

5 responses to “Where to Buy

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  2. you’re welcome to include us in the “places to buy” section; we’re friendly and 99% sleaze-free.

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  4. Oh thank you thank you! I just discovered scooters yesterday….where have i been?…they are gorgeous! Needless to say i have spent all of yesterday and today drooling over them and not knowing where to begin and voila i hit your blog…Sweeet!
    Am torn between a Vespa S 150 or a Piaggio Fly 150…or maybe a Vespa LX150 – what do you have?
    Maybe you can help with another issue i have….i have never ridden a scooter or motorcycle so i don’t have a license – do you know a place in town to take lessons? can i buy one without a license and use it to learn?
    Oh and how do i get a license in ohio?
    You Rule! Thanks [off to call all the said places.]

  5. This is amazing. Where can I find a showplace that has a lot of pre-owned scooters in the Columbus or Canton area?

    Thank-you for taking your time to create this blog.

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