SAQ is almost here!

Happy Dance!!
poster 003

Here are for more upclose views.

The Cutters SAQ page states that pre-registration is closed, so register for $16 onsite.  This is the official schedule with map, but in my mind Saturday is not to be missed.  Why?  Breakfast (included free with your registration) at the North Market from 9 – 12. I missed this last year and I refuse to miss it again!  Then the big ride, this time out to Delaware.  Dinner after the ride is back in the Short North, at the store The Kickstart.  Sweeeeeet!

2 responses to “SAQ is almost here!

  1. Hey, what did you think of the Q? We (hubby and I rode)enjoyed it, though we mostly go for the ride itself, just wondering if you would post your impressions;) Sally

  2. Sally, in a word, well 3 words, it was great! I haven’t had time to post a full wrap-up, but it was excellent. Thanks for the reminder to do a full post on it soon.

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