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Euro Bike Night

This Tuesday night, starting at 6 PM, Grandview will once again be hosting the Euro Bike Night!  It is Vintage night, so they are encouraging you to bring out your vintage motorcycle or scooter.  They will also be raffling away prizes.

Ride to Work, erm, today

Ride to Work Day is today.

I’ve been busy and I forgot to post it here.  (Bad scooterist!)

Now it makes sense that the City did their parking event today… (duh)

Lot opens downtown

Edited to add: see Columbus Scooter Parking for more details, including a photo and an official report with maps.

I wish I could take off of work to go watch this, it’s at 10 AM today (Wednesday)!  Exciting!!

NBC4 reports: “The city will open its first scooter parking lot on Gay Street between Third and High.”

And from a City Press Release:

Mayor to Announce New Parking Areas for Motorcycles and Scooters

Mayor Michael B. Coleman will team with City Councilmember Maryellen O’Shaughnessy and local scooter enthusiasts Wednesday morning to announce the City’s plan to add new on-street and alley parking Downtown, in the Short North and in the Brewery District specifically designated for motorcycles and scooters.

10:00 a.m. Wednesday, July 16, 2008

61 East Gay Street, On sidewalk in front of Subway

I’m guessing they will unveil the lot on Gay Street, and announce their plans to open similar lots.  Yay!!!  This weekend I will scope it/them out and post some photos.

hat-tip to Walker of Columbus Underground.  CU discussion can be found there too.

Scooter safety article

A letter-to-the-editor was printed in the Dispatch.  You can read the full article HERE.

I do agree with him that scooters should not be treated as toys.  Unless it’s a bicycle and you can’t go more than 15 mph, you need to be wearing gear.  At the very least, you need to be wearing pants and shoes and a helmet.

That said, I think more needs to be done to offer safety courses.  The link he provides to safety courses is good.  I encourage you to take a class if you haven’t already, they even offer classes for experienced riders, like a refresher course.  (Hey, I just realized I probably have enough miles that I could take that with a straight face!)  But you will have to try as a walk-on for the class.  About 2 minutes after these classes are posted in like February, they all fill up.  I think walking on is easy, but it’s no sure thing.  If you and 10 other people show up, you probably all aren’t going to be able to walk-on.

That reminds me, there are plans to offer a scooter-focused class, which would be nice for people who don’t need/want to learn how to shift their modern/automatic scooter.  I need to go dig up that email and find out what’s going on with that.

A good article on scooters

I’m a little surprised. The local paper, Columbus Dispatch, published an article today about scooters. After reading it, I like it! There are no stunning inaccuracies, or teeth-grating biases. Yay!! (Oftentimes when a paper does an article on scooters, it has several factual errors.) I will give credit where credit is due – good job Kevin Joy!

Here are some quotes from it:

Motohio sold three times more scooters than motorcycles in May — an unheard-of ratio for the 4-year-old business…   … the Speed Factory is out of scooters — with a waiting list 30 names deep, said manager Aaron Saez, who expects more scooters this month.

If a place sells both motorcycles and scooters, they make more money on motorcycles, and tend to focus on them.  Motorcycle-focused shops, take note!  You are losing out on sales if you ignore scooters and scooter buyers.

Urban parking, of course, is sometimes a pain…. Unchained, a scooter becomes an easy target for thieves… Mike Brown, coordinator of urban ventures for Columbus, recently met with riders. Mayor Michael B. Coleman, he said, will soon announce details of a scooter- and motorcycle-parking initiative.

Well this is good news.  Hopefully the initiative will be excellent!  (Other thoughts on Columbus Scooter Parking can be found here:

Go read the entire article.  Links the article could have included are below.  (This is not a knock on this particular article, most Dispatch articles have few, if any, links.  It’s nice they include store names, addresses, and phone numbers, but for many of us linking to the website is more useful.)

Where to Buy a Scooter in Columbus (full disclosure – obviously this is my own page)

Cutters Forum (the vintage group)

EPSP Forum (the whatever group).  Looks like they are riding out from North Market on Sunday, 11 AM.