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SAQ 11 was most excellent!

Yes it was.  More thoughts later

Last EuroBike Night

Last EuroBike Night is this Tuesday.  It is at the Bank Block – Grandview Ave at West 2nd Avenue in Grandview.  Tuesday, September 30th, 6 – 9 PM.  Reserved 2-wheeler parking on both sides of Grandview Ave.  Raffle drawing is at 8 PM.

 See more details (and photos from past Euro Bike Nights) at the official website.

Italian Fest and scooters!

First off, Euro Bike Night was a lot of fun… the Easy Peasy crowd won a ton of the raffle prizes.  (Good for them.)  While I was there I got a flyer for a scooter-friendly event coming up next weekend….

Italian Festival.  Unfortunately entrance isn’t free, but it is a good festival.  Euro-Bike “ride-in” night is Saturday night, October 11th… check out the italian fest flyer for more details.

Sept EuroBike Night

Only 2 left this year, September’s is this Tuesday.  It is at the Bank Block – Grandview Ave at West 2nd Avenue in Grandview.  Tuesday, September 30th, 6 – 9 PM.  Reserved 2-wheeler parking on both sides of Grandview Ave.  Score!

There will be T-shirts for sale at special prices, a raffle as usual, and pre-registration for a “First Annual Haunted Poker Run.”

Thanks to Mike for the reminder.  See more details (and photos from past Euro Bike Nights) at the official website.

SAQ is almost here!

Happy Dance!!
poster 003

Here are for more upclose views.

The Cutters SAQ page states that pre-registration is closed, so register for $16 onsite.  This is the official schedule with map, but in my mind Saturday is not to be missed.  Why?  Breakfast (included free with your registration) at the North Market from 9 – 12. I missed this last year and I refuse to miss it again!  Then the big ride, this time out to Delaware.  Dinner after the ride is back in the Short North, at the store The Kickstart.  Sweeeeeet!

SAQ 11 starts this Friday

Kicks off this Friday… If you are a scooterist, then you should go. (Registration is $14 and includes a T-shirt, all sorts of free food, etc.) If you just wanna watch, I’d recommend you go down to North Market this Saturday. Around noon the big ride heads out. It’s awesome to see literally hundreds of scooters leaving North Market. If you are interested in seeing a wide variety of scooters, talking to real riders (not just sales people), and being part of the biggest scooter event held in Columbus (even just as a spectator), you should go.

For more information go to the Cutters page.This is the 11th year for SAQ, and from what I hear the Cutters always put on a good show. (My first was last year, but it was a blast!)

If you are wondering what to expect, you can read my thoughts about last year on my SAQ page.

Information Session on Scooters

This Saturday (Sept 6th) there will be an informational session at the Northwest Library.  (2280 Hard Road)  It runs from 10 AM – 12:30 PM, although if you come a little early you can check out the scooters before.  You can also stop by after 12:30, if you can’t make the panel discussion, and chat with anyone still there.  I will be one of the panelists.  (oooooooh, I’m a celebrity!)

Write-up of the event from the local paper

Quote: The program will begin with a scooter overview provided by a long-time scooterist. The session will focus on what types of scooters are available and what to look for when choosing one. We’ll also spend time addressing basic laws, licensing and insurance issues that come up when purchasing a scooter.

This is being put on by a scooterist who also happens to be a librarian.  (Not me)  So while some dealers will be there, it is not a sales type of event.  It is informational.

Note: the Library is sort of joint between Columbus and Worthington.  Scroll to the bottom of this page and look for the marker #2, up north of Sawmill and I-270.

SAQ 11 coming up!

Scoot-A-Que, the rally put on by the Cutters, is coming up September 12-14. 

The much anticipated and long-awaited Scoot-a-Que 11 is almost here!  You
can pre-register now for a measly $11 which includes a T-shirt, tons of
free food, music, dancing and more Scoot-related mayhem and awesomeness
than you can find anywhere else.

This is a great rally, the 11th one!  Pre-reg is now $14.  I think the T-shirt design is very sweet.

More information:

Vespa Demo Rides at Grandview Euro Bike Night

Next Tuesday’s Euro Bike Night (one week from today) includes Vespa Demo Rides!

This is your chance to take a new Vespa scooter out for a tour …  Due to the continued growth of Grandview Euro Bike Night we will have extra reserved parking on the east side of Grandview Avenue… Don’t forget to purchase your Grandview Euro Bike Night t-shirt and be sure to register for the free raffle.

Riders must have a motorcycle endorsement and proper riding gear for demo rides: helmet, eye protection, closed toe shoes and long pants. 

More info at:

Euro Bike Night

This Tuesday night, starting at 6 PM, Grandview will once again be hosting the Euro Bike Night!  It is Vintage night, so they are encouraging you to bring out your vintage motorcycle or scooter.  They will also be raffling away prizes.

Ride to Work, erm, today

Ride to Work Day is today.

I’ve been busy and I forgot to post it here.  (Bad scooterist!)

Now it makes sense that the City did their parking event today… (duh)

Lot opens downtown

Edited to add: see Columbus Scooter Parking for more details, including a photo and an official report with maps.

I wish I could take off of work to go watch this, it’s at 10 AM today (Wednesday)!  Exciting!!

NBC4 reports: “The city will open its first scooter parking lot on Gay Street between Third and High.”

And from a City Press Release:

Mayor to Announce New Parking Areas for Motorcycles and Scooters

Mayor Michael B. Coleman will team with City Councilmember Maryellen O’Shaughnessy and local scooter enthusiasts Wednesday morning to announce the City’s plan to add new on-street and alley parking Downtown, in the Short North and in the Brewery District specifically designated for motorcycles and scooters.

10:00 a.m. Wednesday, July 16, 2008

61 East Gay Street, On sidewalk in front of Subway

I’m guessing they will unveil the lot on Gay Street, and announce their plans to open similar lots.  Yay!!!  This weekend I will scope it/them out and post some photos.

hat-tip to Walker of Columbus Underground.  CU discussion can be found there too.

Arlington Bank parking lot Bike Night

From the folks that bring you EuroBike Night

There will be a special bike night on Saturday, 6/28, when we will be meeting on the parking lot of The Arlington Bank on Grandview Ave. just south of W. Fifth Ave.  We will have two bands for live entertainment and lots of other activities all up and down Grandview Ave.  This event will begin at 4pm and run till at least 9pm.

As usual, there will be prizes being drawn and Tshirts for sale.

(hat tip to Mike for the info)

Euro Bike Night, now with Ducati

Tomorrow is another Euro Bike Night – 

Ducati will be coming to Grandview Euro Bike Night with the Duc Truck.  They will be bringing along 14 Hypermotards for qualified riders to test ride… The rides should begin at 6pm.

There will also be prizes for free and T-shirts for sale.

(hat tip to Mike for all the info)

Getting parking and going to camp

1. Columbus needs scooter parking.  (I know, that’s not news.)  The news is that a group of people have met and we’re working towards getting scooter parking.  (Technically scooter and motorcycle parking.)  I will post more news about this, including the new website that we’ll be using to coordinate our efforts and share information.  Details at 11.  Ha ha.  No, details tomorrow.

2. If you are interested in blogs/using the web/video/podcasting/ “social media tools” then you should attend the Pod Camp Ohio.  This event is free, and it’s in Hilliard.  True it’s held the Saturday of Comfest, but you can always go another day or after the Pod Camp is over.  (It’s basically 9 AM – 6 PM.)  I will be attending.  Now I can tell everyone that I’m “going to camp.”  Camp is always fun, right?  Beginners are welcome.

3. Modern Vespa ride this Sunday.  North Market 12 noon.  Non-vespas are welcome.

Editorial comment: For various reasons, I am in a flipping good mood.  *happy dance*  Yay!!

Ride safe this weekend!

Ride to Work Day

Looking into the future… get ready for this year’s Ride To Work Day.  Mark your calendars, it’s Wednesday July 16th.  One of their key issues, BTW, is getting people to recognize scooters and motorcycles need our own parking.  Not like that’s ever an issue here in metro Columbus.  </sarcasm>

I may try to do a little video about it.  We shall see.

don’t park at Pearl Alley

sorry I was gone for a while.  just busy.  more normal posting will now resume.

In case you don’t ever go downtown, the City had a big crackdown on the parking in Pearl Alley.  Not surprisingly I think it’s…. ill-advised. If they did this at the same time (or really after) unveiling new secure scooter and motorcycle parking it would be a different story.

Dispatch article

Here are some thoughts by other people:

comments on Columbus Underground

Elephants on Bicycles

Motohio event Saturday!

Sorry for being so late in posting this… ride safe this weekend everybody!

Motohio is the local authorized Vespa dealer.  They are moving and the Grand Opening is from 10 AM to 2 PM tomorrow (Saturday) May 24th.  There should be food.  They are now selling the Genuine line, so you can now look to them for the Buddy and Stella.  If you are also into motorcycles they have those too.  Here is their new location.  Basically out kinda by Reynoldsburg.

(Hat tip to Stephen for the info.)

EuroBike Night 6 – 9 PM Tuesday

The first of the “usually on Tuesday this year” EuroBike Nights is Tuesday.  (May 20th)  Thanks for the reminders people left in the comments.  It’s 6 – 9 PM in Grandview.  The raffle drawing is at 8 PM, you must be present to win.  Reserved parking is back on the west side like last year, next to Spagio’s and Jeni’s and Stauf’s.  As always, their focus is on European Bikes (motorcycles and scooters) but they welcome everyone.

Keep reading for Stephen’s full run-down…

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May is Transportation Challenge Month

Euro BikeNight was a blast… they have posted some photos on their website.  Looking forward to the next one.

There is apparently a new scooter shop in the Short North… I will be checking it out soon and I’ll add it to the list on the “Where to Buy in Columbus” page.

And this May (starting today!) is Transportation Challenge Month over at Columbus Underground.  There are lots of links for alternatives to your solo car commute at the CU thread.