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How to pack for a camping trip

Apparently Flickr is not as cool as I though, they got rid of embeddable slideshows, way to go Flickr folks!  Here is the link to the static photo set:  and you can just see it as a slideshow if you want there.

Last time I outlined what exactly we packed.  As promised last week, here are tips on how to pack, one per packing photo.  I know alot of this is common sense, but it could still help you out!

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Funny Story 3

Several months ago I’m riding on a busy street near my house, and I decide to go the long way through the residential part, because I like seeing the neighborhood.  As I turn from the busy street to the local street, I am aware that a large SUV is following me.  I don’t really think about it much, until after 2 turns in the residential district the same SUV is still behind me.  Not tailgating, just behind me.  After about 4 more turns I’ve decided he’s following me, but I have no idea why.  As far as I know my tires have enough air and my lights are all working.  As I get near my house, I push the garage door button, and roll into my garage.  This is my usual routine, BTW.  I’m not in a hurry, but I get off the scooter and start to take my helmet off.  Mr. SUV has pulled into my driveway, and is getting out of his vehicle.

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What to pack for a camping trip

Sadly it is currently too cold (read: I am a wuss) for me to scooter-camp right now.  I’m still riding though!  I wanted to share the tips I learned from the Camp Byrch rally trip (completed in September), specifically what to pack, and how to pack it.

Top tip: wear earplugs when traveling at high speeds for long distances.

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Funny Story 2

A coupla months ago I was riding up High Street, going north.  I was in the Clintonville area and in the left lane.  I noticed some turners in the center-turn lane up ahead, so I got a little more alert.  Sure enough, guy turning north did not see me, and turns into the right lane, crossing in front of me.  I had slowed down at that point, but I still honked.  No near miss, but if I hadn’t been paying attention it might have been a different story.

He starts tailing me, honking!  I’m bewildered, because I did nothing wrong, he was in the wrong.  After a few blocks of stop-and-go due to all the lights, he seemed to calm down.  He got back in the right lane and at the next red light tries to get my attention.  At this point I am a little concerned, because he seems unstable.  He tells me: “I just didn’t see you.  But there was no need to honk like that.  I didn’t see you at all!  I just wasn’t looking.  But you shouldn’t have honked.”

I had to stop myself from laughing.  He’s admitting he didn’t see me, that it was his fault, and yet he is still bothered by my honking!  WOW.  I told him I’d rather be careful and honk than not honk and get hit.  (Not that honking always saves you, but it’s worth a try!)  He still seemed bothered by my honking but I was glad he wasn’t aggressive.

So cagers out there, it’s just a horn.  If you hear it, it’s done its’ job.  And look before you turn!

Good book

Perhaps you are trying to decide what gift to give a scooterist, or motorcyclist.  Perhaps you are splurging on yourself.  I recommend the book “Proficient Motorcycling.”  (I also recommend MSF classes, but I talked about that before.  It’s also a little harder to put classes in a box and wrap them.  No gift certificate options, unfortunately.)  Here is the Amazon link with reviews and details about the book.  While it’s about motorcycling, most of it is super-applicable to scooters as well.

map of Columbus public library locations

Now in the spirit of consuming less, I recommend getting it from the library (locations above).  (This is also a good option if you are cheap, or aren’t sure your cousin Mike would really like the book, so maybe it’s not worth it to BUY it right away.)  Our Columbus Public Library is very good, in fact it has won awards and is “consistently ranked as one of the most used libraries in the country.” *

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Funny Story 1

Just wanted to share a funny ride story from several months ago… I’m going around OSU and as usual some of the students are not paying enough attention.  You know what I mean, talking on their cell phone, jay-walking, etc.  I always stop for pedestrians going through crosswalks, so it’s not like I’m anti-walkers.

Anyways I honk at this chick who obliviously is crossing the street when the light is green (for the cars, not for her.)  Granted, Neela’s horn doesn’t sound very angry, it’s more like a “toot toot” than a “a-oooo-ga” but still, I tried.  Well I succeeded in getting her attention but not in convincing her to mozy across the street a little quicker.  She takes a break from her cell phone conversation and gives a happy wave, and I swear I heard like a weird giggle.  Whaaat?  I’m bewildered, totally wondering what the heck she is so happy about.  It took me a good 5 seconds to realize what it was…

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Scoot-A-Que feedback

If you have any constructive criticism for the Cutters, please go here and tell them how to improve Scoot-A-Que.  And note I am not a Cutter.  (Simpsons comic book guy voice: shortest posting evah)