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More proof that scooters are good

Here’s an article from BBC.  In a nutshell – scooters take up less space than cars, both when moving and when parked.  So they help decrease congestion.

The article is really about proposed congestion pricing in NYC, which is based on the London system.  London’s system not only has exemptions* (so no fee) for motorcycles and scooters, but they also provide parking* for motorcycles and scooters.  (Gee, what a concept!)

No one would doubt that moving a parked car is damage or attempted theft, but pushing over a parked scooter apparently is no big deal.  One thing the article does not mention is that secure scooter parking is important because scooters are easier (than heavier motorcycles and waaay heavier cars) to hoist into a truck.

(*The source is Michael Horodniceanu and more answers can be found here:

Columbus Website on Transportation

The folks at Columbusunderground were talking about this a while back, and the result is this website:

Light rail, COTA, walking and biking!  Sustainability.

Cool Festival in Boston

I like the idea of this festival ( in Boston. The point is to promote “alternatives” like public transit, renewable energy, electric vehicles, and of course biking and walking.  Scooters are included, and the Honda Riders Club (motorcycles) is going to be there.  It’s two days, Sept. 28-29th.  My dream job would pay me to go, but… yea I’m going to try to make my own arrangements to get there.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we had something like this in Columbus?

Bicycles and scooters

Just read a disturbing post on a Kymco board against bicyclists.  Bad!  I’d much rather share the road with bicyclists than cagers.  (Cagers are car drivers.)  Just because we go faster than bikes doesn’t mean we deserve to be on the road and they don’t.  (Luckily I was not the only person who felt this way.)

If you are riding here in Columbus, you may not come across many bikers.  (Bicyclists)  But on High Street near campus and downtown they are out!  So remember them and don’t sit in the far right of your lane.  You shouldn’t be doing that anyways, because then the cagers will come into your lane.  If you want to read more about biking in Columbus, go to

Free parking for scooters in NYC

Wouldn’t it be cool if Columbus had this one day?  Believe it or not, I am not the only person who cares about this.  From one of the relatively new Columbus Dispatch blogs:

If you are traveling to NYC or have friends there, here are the details:

Here’s a video from a NYC news channel about it…

Video contest

I like playing around with making videos, but I’m not very good at it.  But I will try to get something together for this contest Vespa is throwing.  The winner gets a brand new Vespa.  I think Vespas are over-rated but if someone gave me one free?  I wouldn’t turn it down!

Really it’s the idea I like more, that Vespa is using this contest to get people to create videos that spread the message that scooters (in this case Vespas) are greener than cars.  Harnessing the global community, and the power of “the internets.”

sustainable scooters

This is from Vespa USA, but most of the facts could go for any scooter.  Scooters sold in the US (and motorcycles) after 2005 meet much stricter emissions standards.  Assuming they are DOT approved of course.  I will post more about this (it’s the point of my blog!) but this will get you started.

Scoot-A-Que 10

Scoot-A-Que is put on by the Columbus Cutters, a local Vintage-focused (but open to all) scooter club.  Register online here:  This is an annual event, and this is the 10th year!  Sept. 14-16.  $15 per person.  If you have never been to a scooter rally it’s alot of fun.  People even travel to rallies, for example several Cutters rode up to Detroit for a rally last month.  So if people are riding here from (let’s say) Tennessee and Michigan, then all us local Columbusites can get out of bed and go!

Another group in town is the Modern Vespa group, but they are also open to all. (At least the Columbus “chapter.”)  Go to this page for the next Columbus ride, usually leaves North Market Saturday morning.

Random good videos

Here is an ad for Kymcos from China.  I believe it’s in Mandarin.  (Someone just pointed out that the gibberish is fake alien talk, of course.  The Mandarin part is at the end!)

And also here is that dumb reporter crashing a scooter as she shows some morning show viewers how “easy it is to ride.” Check out her coworkers laughing at her at the end.

MSF course

I’ve been riding just over a year, and I have my motorcycle endorsement.  Took the MSF class 

Highly recommend it, you can take it on your scooter if you contact them ahead of time.  Don’t bother signing up, they fill up about 10 minutes after they “release” the schedule.  Just walk-in and with luck you will get a spot.

Unfortunately the scooter school is not in Ohio yet.  I may take it for fun when it gets here, but there is no automatic “pass this and automatically get your endorsement” bonus.

And so it begins

this is actually my 3rd attempt at making a scooter blog, but blogspot sucks and it took me a while to figure that out, what with working and school and all.

I will have to post more later (obviously!) but I wanted to celebrate actually getting started!  I live in Columbus, Ohio and ride a Kymco People 150.  She is silver and her name is Neela Kashika.  (Yea I know it’s a long name, getoverit!)  Get your own decal to put on your scooter at  (You could put your scooter’s name, your business, or your blog.)

My focus is that scooters are a form of sustainable transportation.  I know they are not as sustainable as walking or biking, but they are better than driving a car.