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Scoot A Q 11…

Everyday I become more convinced that everything is related.  It’s all intertwined.  What does this mean for you?  More philosophical posts?  Long boring college-student “meaning of life” stuff?  No, no… it means that I find scooter information, even specific to Columbus, in the funniest places.  It’s like when you’re a kid and you run into a teacher you like in the grocery store, and you realize they have a life outside of being your teacher and sitting in the classroom.  A nice surprise.  Unexpected, but fun.

Scoot A Q 11 logo design, see it in process.  Very good looking.  Go on and mark your calendar now, Sept 12 – 14.  Whoot!

7:30 PM today TIP TOP

You should go.  The food is good.  And show your support for Scoot A Q by going.  7:30 PM today (Wed) is the sponsor dinner, and the more people the better.  Then the sponsors see that lots of people like Scoot A Q, and they will continue to sponsor it… and Scoot A Q 11 will be even better!! for directions.

WKRP 2008

Early, but I wanted to pub the Cincy crew’s rally.  It is Mar 28th-30th in Cincinnati.  WKRP 2008.  Register at

I’m eyeing the “making sleep” hotel.  This rally is good for us Columbus people, because it’s so close.  Driving in a car takes about 1.5 hours.  Seems like taking backroads it would still only take you at most 4 hours, with stops.  Not for a newbie, but if you do some rest stops it seems totally doable.  Hopefully the late March weather (almost April) will be good.

Scoot A Q Thanks at Tip Top

Remember Scoot A Q? Remember how much fun it was?  The event doesn’t happen without sponsors, especially the cool swag bag.  The Cutters have posted that the Thank You dinner for sponsors is going to be at 7:30 PM, Jan 30th, next Wed.  It will be held at Tip Top, which is a good place.  Go even if you aren’t a Cutter, all that’s required is appreciation for Scoot A Q.  (Tip Top is downtown on Gay Street.)

I would post to the Cutters posting, but I can’t find it now and I’m tired.  I have been a bit AWOL lately with posting, but more is coming soon.  Thanks for your patience.

Some bus numbers

I know a lot of scooter riders are NOT into taking the bus, especially because the bus does not match their sunny-Italian-Vespa-stylish-scarf image of scootering.  Well I like my scooter, but I’m a little more practical.  This past week, everyday, I took the bus.  Allow me to deviate from my usual scooter focus and talk about that.

If you want some reasons for taking the bus, read my last posting on this.  And you should also read a great story from Jeff about his January Bus Challenge.  I decided to look at some numbers, because I’m a nerd like that.  🙂  Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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Bus challenge

Here in Columbus our gorgeous weather is dying down a bit now.  We are now looking at a more typical-for-January 30s and 40s for the rest of this week.  Sadly I did not scooter Monday, because I started a new job and didn’t want their first impression of me to be “what is all that gear?  Is she like a StormTrooper?”

Until I get a little more comfortable at work, I am planning to take the bus and possibly carpool to get to work.  (Winter weather doesn’t help either.)  I am working in the general downtown area, so the bus works fairly well.  (If I had to commute from one suburb to another, it would be a different story.)  I am in a one-car household and the default is that I don’t get the car.  With zipcar and the scooter and the bus and rides from the husband (and occasionally using the car) I don’t think it is a problem at all.

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Travel the world via scooter

Want to see the world on your scooter?  Looking for inspiration?  Monday you can check out a book for free (online) about a round-the-world scooter trip, on a Honda 250 no less.  Tom Smith did it in the late 1980’s, and his nearly 600 page book on it is free for your reading Monday, January 7th.

(hat tip to Crystal at

Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I was out of town for the holidays and it’s slow getting caught up.