Monthly Archives: October 2008

Watch out for leaves

Just a public service reminder – leaves can be bad this time of year.  Even if the pavement is dry, leaves on the ground can hide wet spots.  Even just the leaves alone have a different texture than the pavement.

I see lots of people are still finding this site after doing searches for things like scooter skirts.  If you are riding in the greater Columbus area, let me know if you’d be willing to be interviewed for a future posting on the site.  I’m especially interested in people who ride year-round, or at least not just in the warm summer months.

Last EuroBike Night

Last EuroBike Night is this Tuesday.  It is at the Bank Block – Grandview Ave at West 2nd Avenue in Grandview.  Tuesday, September 30th, 6 – 9 PM.  Reserved 2-wheeler parking on both sides of Grandview Ave.  Raffle drawing is at 8 PM.

 See more details (and photos from past Euro Bike Nights) at the official website.

Shameless ask for logo help

I am smart enough to know when my talents are lacking.  They lack in the design/logo arena.  If you are someone with the skills to create a good logo for my site, Peanut Butter Scooter Time, then feel free to leave a comment here with your email and/or thoughts.  No pay, unfortunately, but I’ll give you credit.  My site does have quite a few hits, so you would be reaching a fair amount of people.  Thanks! And now back to your regularly-scheduled scooter stuff.

Italian Fest and scooters!

First off, Euro Bike Night was a lot of fun… the Easy Peasy crowd won a ton of the raffle prizes.  (Good for them.)  While I was there I got a flyer for a scooter-friendly event coming up next weekend….

Italian Festival.  Unfortunately entrance isn’t free, but it is a good festival.  Euro-Bike “ride-in” night is Saturday night, October 11th… check out the italian fest flyer for more details.