How to pack for a camping trip

Apparently Flickr is not as cool as I though, they got rid of embeddable slideshows, way to go Flickr folks!  Here is the link to the static photo set:  and you can just see it as a slideshow if you want there.

Last time I outlined what exactly we packed.  As promised last week, here are tips on how to pack, one per packing photo.  I know alot of this is common sense, but it could still help you out!

1. Roxana carried much less than Neela did.  But most importantly, she carried the tent!

2. The canteens were around my neck or in the trunk.  Right now I only have one key for ignition, and it’s the same key for the trunk.  So I rode around with the canteen on my neck, so that when we stop somewhere I can easily get some water, and I don’t have to turn off my scooter.  Downside is in a serious accident I might have the canteen push into me and hurt me, but I figure it’s a balance between that and getting de-hydrated.  I am a water fiend.

3. I have a blue duffle bag I bought a while ago, and here is some of what was in it.  Pack what you don’t need to get to quickly in here, except for the side pockets, which is where I put the extra glasses.

4. Some more stuff that was in the duffle, although the pillow case (holding 2 small pillows) was not.  I must have had some other junk in the duffle bag that I don’t remember and didn’t photograph, maybe the towels?  Technically the duffle bag wasn’t strapped down as well as it could be, but there were no issues with it flying off or even moving.  I couldn’t find anything non-flimsy to put the bungee cords onto.  I settled for connecting them together under the trunk.

5. This picture shows Neela from the back.  The saddlebags are obvious, my rain jacket liner is above that, the green thing is the sleeping pad, and the beige thing is the top of the pillowcase.  The pink thing is the awesome bungee net, waaay better than cords.  The blue duffle can’t be seen, but it’s under the rain liner.

6. This is the stuff in one of my saddlebags.  Obviously with saddlebags you want to balance the weight as much as you can.  Clothespins and string are essential for camping, just like duct tape.

7. The other saddlebag is mostly clothes.  Things here are slightly easier to get to than the duffle stuff.

8. The trunk is where you put all the stuff you really need to get at.  If you are flying this is your carry-on purse or backpack, chock full of essentials.  Hats are always good, if you take off your helmet on a long trip you don’t have to worry about hat hair.  Ear plugs, again, are essential on these kind of high speed trips.

9. If you load up your trunk, make sure it doesn’t get too heavy.  The more stuff you pack on the rest of the scooter, the harder it is to open your trunk.  With my setup I couldn’t open the lid all the way.

10. The tent worked great, the air mattress worked great.  The tent was also big enough for us to store our stuff on either side of the mattress.  I liked the little baggies that are built into the tent and are in the ceiling area.  Very convenient.  Make sure you pitch your tent so that there is a very slight slope, so that water does not pool, but instead flows away.  Also, set it up so your head is at the top of the slope, not the bottom.

11. This is the last packing photo, so here’s my final tip.  It’s important to TRY to keep the weight in between the two wheels, or failing that, over the back wheel.  This picture shows everything I packed on Neela: saddlebags, blue duffle, sleeping pad, pillowcase, trunk full of stuff.  The trunk, sleeping pad, and pillowcase all weighed very little.  The bulk of the weight was in the saddlebags and blue duffle.  Whatever you do, don’t load up your trunk, or front basket if you have one, with lots of stuff, and definitely not lots of heavy stuff.

The rest of the pics are just fun rally stuff, besides the camping there was a scooter rally.

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