Monthly Archives: March 2008

WKRP this weekend

I can’t get off work and my SO has a thing here in town Saturday so we’re not going.  Grrrr… But you should go.  It’s the WKRP rally in Cincy.  A group of riders are leaving (scootering) at 1 PM on Friday, from The Speed Factory.  (Clintonville High Street)  Don’t be late.  Tell them you’re going here.

And I was wrong before, the only way it will take 4 hours is if you are making several 10 minute stops.  Which I recommend, just to stay alert.  But if you take fewer stops it will take less time (duh) unless you are driving your 35cc Met there.

Windshield Wiper Fluid is Bad

I’ve been a bad blogger.  (Cue sad music)

Windshield wiper fluid is bad stuff.  On your scooter you have to watch out for it, because the car next to you or in front of you could spray it, and somehow it ends up on you.  It flies through the air!  Seriously.  I am convinced this is what scratched up my glasses last summer.  I think I was at a stoplight and put my visor up.  I got hit with the windshield wiper spray, but luckily I wear glasses.  (oooh, take that contact lens manufacturers!)

To really be sure I should take an old pair of glasses, pour some drops of fluid on them, and then see what happens.  But I’m lazy now and I’ll just blame the fluid.  Ride safe everyone!