Why not ride your bike?

My prediction about not getting snow until mid January turned out to be wrong.  Last week we got a few inches of snow, which stuck, and more flurries and the streets (little residential streets) were kind of a mess.  So I didn’t ride those days, mostly because I was skeered.  Some scooterists drive year-round, even in places like Minnesota, so don’t think it can’t be done.  I went out today and still need to work on getting better gloves.

But ride your bicycle if you can, because they actually handle cold winter weather better than scooters, mostly because they travel slower so windchill doesn’t hurt as bad, and slipping is less likely to happen, or at least less likely to hurt.  For $15 this Saturday you can learn from the experts how to ride your bike (bicycle) in winter weather.  http://www.considerbiking.org/site/viewtopic.php?p=2524


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