Funny Story 3

Several months ago I’m riding on a busy street near my house, and I decide to go the long way through the residential part, because I like seeing the neighborhood.  As I turn from the busy street to the local street, I am aware that a large SUV is following me.  I don’t really think about it much, until after 2 turns in the residential district the same SUV is still behind me.  Not tailgating, just behind me.  After about 4 more turns I’ve decided he’s following me, but I have no idea why.  As far as I know my tires have enough air and my lights are all working.  As I get near my house, I push the garage door button, and roll into my garage.  This is my usual routine, BTW.  I’m not in a hurry, but I get off the scooter and start to take my helmet off.  Mr. SUV has pulled into my driveway, and is getting out of his vehicle.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m a female rider of a Kymco People 150.  (Her name is Neela.)  I wear lots of gear, and this particular ride several months ago I was wearing jeans (bad! this was before I bought my riding pants with armour and then had my first accident), armoured jacket, full face helmet.  None of my clothing (scooter gear or otherwise) is particularly girly.

So anyways Mr. SUV turns out to be harmless.  He is wondering what kind of scooter I have, how fast does it go, engine size, mileage, etc, etc… and then he starts apologizing for following me.  I don’t really care, so I say no big deal.  And then he says “I didn’t realize you were a girl.  I never would have followed you if you were a girl.”  Which is just funny to me.  I mean, if I’m a girl to him, suddenly I’m going to be scared?  And what?  Shoot a gun at him?  Faint?  Have an accident??  Mace him?  It’s just absurd.

Anyways, he started asking about where he could get a scooter.  Sadly, this was before I had started this site, so I just wrote down some phone numbers and store names.  Easier would have been to tell him to go here.

I don’t really have some earth-shattering point with this story.  Drive safe and Happy Holidays readers!

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