Good book

Perhaps you are trying to decide what gift to give a scooterist, or motorcyclist.  Perhaps you are splurging on yourself.  I recommend the book “Proficient Motorcycling.”  (I also recommend MSF classes, but I talked about that before.  It’s also a little harder to put classes in a box and wrap them.  No gift certificate options, unfortunately.)  Here is the Amazon link with reviews and details about the book.  While it’s about motorcycling, most of it is super-applicable to scooters as well.

map of Columbus public library locations

Now in the spirit of consuming less, I recommend getting it from the library (locations above).  (This is also a good option if you are cheap, or aren’t sure your cousin Mike would really like the book, so maybe it’s not worth it to BUY it right away.)  Our Columbus Public Library is very good, in fact it has won awards and is “consistently ranked as one of the most used libraries in the country.” *

The system is super easy to use, although of course there are fines if you are late returning things.  (And they don’t just have books, they’ve got music CDs, movie DVDs, etc.)  I highly recommend getting the youngster in your life (school kids) a library card for the holidays, if they don’t already have one.  The internet is great but it doesn’t replace the library!  And Columbus Public Library has lots of locations.  Voila!

map of Columbus public library locations

* Source:


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