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For the bicyclists

A bit off topic if you are a hard-core scooterist, but here is a website that breaks down the costs between riding a bike and driving a car.  Note that I don’t pretend that riding my scooter is as environmentally-friendly or as healthy (exercise-wise) as riding a bicycle.  I think his breakdown of costs could be a good model to follow for a car vs. scooter breakdown.  Which I will finish one of these days.  🙂


Some bus numbers

I know a lot of scooter riders are NOT into taking the bus, especially because the bus does not match their sunny-Italian-Vespa-stylish-scarf image of scootering.  Well I like my scooter, but I’m a little more practical.  This past week, everyday, I took the bus.  Allow me to deviate from my usual scooter focus and talk about that.

If you want some reasons for taking the bus, read my last posting on this.  And you should also read a great story from Jeff about his January Bus Challenge.  I decided to look at some numbers, because I’m a nerd like that.  🙂  Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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Bus challenge

Here in Columbus our gorgeous weather is dying down a bit now.  We are now looking at a more typical-for-January 30s and 40s for the rest of this week.  Sadly I did not scooter Monday, because I started a new job and didn’t want their first impression of me to be “what is all that gear?  Is she like a StormTrooper?”

Until I get a little more comfortable at work, I am planning to take the bus and possibly carpool to get to work.  (Winter weather doesn’t help either.)  I am working in the general downtown area, so the bus works fairly well.  (If I had to commute from one suburb to another, it would be a different story.)  I am in a one-car household and the default is that I don’t get the car.  With zipcar and the scooter and the bus and rides from the husband (and occasionally using the car) I don’t think it is a problem at all.

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How to pack for a camping trip

Apparently Flickr is not as cool as I though, they got rid of embeddable slideshows, way to go Flickr folks!  Here is the link to the static photo set:  and you can just see it as a slideshow if you want there.

Last time I outlined what exactly we packed.  As promised last week, here are tips on how to pack, one per packing photo.  I know alot of this is common sense, but it could still help you out!

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What to pack for a camping trip

Sadly it is currently too cold (read: I am a wuss) for me to scooter-camp right now.  I’m still riding though!  I wanted to share the tips I learned from the Camp Byrch rally trip (completed in September), specifically what to pack, and how to pack it.

Top tip: wear earplugs when traveling at high speeds for long distances.

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found another calculator

Finally a decent calculator!  Well, I didn’t make it, but check it out at .  Scroll down about 2/3 down the page and click on the “scooter vs. car” calculator.  Have at it!

Scooter calculator on hold

Having problems with my calculator, so those of you holding your breath will have to wait a little longer.  Sorry!  In other news, I am going to loosen my posting goals a bit.  Typically I post once a day, M-F.  I’m getting some good traffic and people seem to enjoy reading what I write, which is all very good.  There is definitely plenty more to say, especially about scooters being practical and fun and sustainable.  But I need to spend some time on other things, so expect a few less posts.

Tomorrow there will be a post on some intriguing safety vests (not a review) and I will keep working on the calculator.  I’m going to try to be more personal in future posts.  I have not in the past because I wanted to get a small audience before revealing much about myself.

For starters, I am not a guy.  The scooter podcast referred to me as a “he” which was funny to me.  (Just a brief mention of my site in the podcast, BTW.)  But since I am not into having all my scooter gear be pink, I probably haven’t mentioned it very much.  (And no offense to those who like all their gear in pink, it’s just not my style.)  But don’t worry, I will keep the focus of the site on scooters and scootering in Columbus. I won’t get into politics or religion or dogs vs. cats or what’s the best Mexican restaurant in Columbus or any other hot button issues.  I’m also putting the Wed video feature on hiatus.