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Friday lowriders and war

Reminder: Oct. 15th is the deadline for the Vespa-run video contest.  Make an ad for Vespas, around 2 minutes long, maybe mention some Vespanomics.  More info here:  Or go straight to the source:

All videos directly shown in this posting are safe for work.  Yay! 
War!  What is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!
So sang the group War in one of their songs.  Here’s another song of theirs.

I confess an admiration for lowrider culture.  That includes hydraulics. 

And to bring it back to scooters, here is a scooter with hydraulics.  Continue reading


Fun with charts (part one)

Yes I like numbers, I don’t shy away from the geekiness.  🙂  Here are some charts for your viewing pleasure.  (Sorry for the crummy quality, trying to improve it.)

source for state and county data: August 2007. Ohio BMV, Office of Communications, Dustyn Fox.

state of ohio registrations Continue reading

scooter parking in Columbus

(Edited to add: Oh yea, forgot to mention… I wrote my recap of Scoot-A-Que.  View it here.

I actually started this posting before the recent CU post.  More proof that there’s work to be done!  Unfortunately the news is not good

Personally I don’t like taking away parking spaces from bikes, even if I don’t see bikes parked in the racks.  But our scooters are SO much more susceptible to theft than motorcycles, so many of us try to lock to something.  They actually make parking racks specifically for scooters/motorcycles. PTW parking  Here’s just one example. Continue reading

scooter ROI calculator

I ran across this:

I would like to do something similar, but one that is a little more honest.  This seems to be very slanted towards getting you to buy a scooter.  Which I’m all for, but most reliable scooters don’t cost $800.  I would also like to do one that includes gear and insurance and things like that.  And maybe even a fancier one that includes those pesky externalities. Continue reading

Girl Bike site and seat covers

If you are new to the scooter world you will soon enough run across Crystal Waters*.  She posts on numerous forums (vino125 girls clubhouse, urban scootin, scooter divas, probably more) and is full of knowledge.  She runs two websites. is full of all kinds of interesting finds, advice, and news of good gear deals on other sites. is her site for the seat covers.  They are customized for your scooter (make and model) so they will fit perfectly!

Kudos to Crystal for also keeping her postings professional.  What I mean is that she is totally not shilling her seatcovers (or her websites) when she posts.  Bravo Crystal!

*The name is familiar because a different Crystal Waters had that hit song, “Gypsy Woman (she’s homeless)” in the 90s, among others.  She was also on the more recent hit “Destination Calabria.”  I assume they are not the same person, although that would be really awesome if the singer was also the scooter person!

long-distance scooter rides

I have yet to go on a truly long trip.  The longest so far was 2 hours each way.  Whether in a group or solo, it has a lot of appeal.  It’s that whole independence thing.  So here’s an excellent website about one woman’s trip cross-country on her Vespa.  Awesome!

Very inspiring.  Here’s a photo from my trip to Yellow Springs Ohio.  We stopped at the famous Young’s Dairy on our way back.

young’s  You can see my scooter’s first name is still visible.  (Yay!)  I tried my best to pack everything so that it was not beyond the center of the back wheel.  It is hard to see what I packed, because I have the rain covers on them.  However, we lucked out and didn’t hit any rain. Continue reading

Friday yea baby

I’m adding a link to Scoot-A-Que photos on the Scoot-A-Que page.  A quick rundown of some upcoming events… and then a video to kick off the weekend!  Ride safe everybody!

Today (Friday 9/21) from 10 AM – 6 PM there is a bicycling event going on at OSU, 15th and High Street.  More info here.  (Not directly scooter related, but I know you can deal.)

Next Tuesday (9/25) there is a EuroBike Night going on at Grandview.  6 PM at the Bank Block, Grandview Ave and West 2nd Ave. Despite the name, it is open to all, even scooters, and non-Euro scooters.

And, as promised, here is a fun video.  I like music more than videos, but this vid is OK for work.  Not that you’re spending company time looking at this website, hmmmm?