Girl Bike site and seat covers

If you are new to the scooter world you will soon enough run across Crystal Waters*.  She posts on numerous forums (vino125 girls clubhouse, urban scootin, scooter divas, probably more) and is full of knowledge.  She runs two websites. is full of all kinds of interesting finds, advice, and news of good gear deals on other sites. is her site for the seat covers.  They are customized for your scooter (make and model) so they will fit perfectly!

Kudos to Crystal for also keeping her postings professional.  What I mean is that she is totally not shilling her seatcovers (or her websites) when she posts.  Bravo Crystal!

*The name is familiar because a different Crystal Waters had that hit song, “Gypsy Woman (she’s homeless)” in the 90s, among others.  She was also on the more recent hit “Destination Calabria.”  I assume they are not the same person, although that would be really awesome if the singer was also the scooter person!

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