Fun with charts (part one)

Yes I like numbers, I don’t shy away from the geekiness.  🙂  Here are some charts for your viewing pleasure.  (Sorry for the crummy quality, trying to improve it.)

source for state and county data: August 2007. Ohio BMV, Office of Communications, Dustyn Fox.

state of ohio registrations
franklin county ohio registrations

source for OSU data: August 2007. OSU Transportation and Parking, Public Relations Manager, Susan Boiarski-Markle.
OSU registration

None of the data these charts are based on make a distinction between motorcycles and scooters.  (Scooters are a specific type of motorcycle.)  Combing through the details to chart the numbers just for scooters is a larger project I hope to work on sometime.

I realize that just because something is popular, does not mean it is sustainable.  But I believe that scooters are an efficient means of transportation for people, and in some cases they are the best option.  Rising gas prices obviously play a role in it.  While I would love for everyone (including me) to move downtown and live where they work (or tele-commute) and to bike and walk most places, and carpool or use public transit otherwise (COTA buses here in Columbus), it’s not realistic.

In part two (next week…. oooooh) I will tell a little of my own story.

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