Puerto Rico has stricter laws

From last week’s news… “Puerto Rico now has the strictest government regulations on motorcyclists (and scooterists) in the U.S.”  They have lots of accidents and fatalities, so they beefed up their laws, big time.  The new laws take effect in October.

 The new laws will require more gear, tougher testing for the motorcycle endorsement, stricter blood-alcohol limits, no lane-sharing, and increased charges.

Read more at http://www.amadirectlink.com/news/2007/PR.asp

My thoughts?  I think more gear requirements are good, but I’m not 100% onboard with the no lane-sharing policy.  Traffic down there is AWFUL, and being able to lane-share makes sense.  Unfortunately I see nothing in this policy that would punish drivers more severely for their part in accidents.  Not all of the accidents that involve scooters (and motorcycles) had guilt-free cagers (car drivers).

And a bit off-topic but when I’m down there I often see scooter riders put their legs tucked back, as if they were riding a motorcycle!  Hah!  I think trying to fake people out and think you’re on a motorcycle when you’re on a scooter is soooo lame.


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