scooter parking in Columbus

(Edited to add: Oh yea, forgot to mention… I wrote my recap of Scoot-A-Que.  View it here.

I actually started this posting before the recent CU post.  More proof that there’s work to be done!  Unfortunately the news is not good

Personally I don’t like taking away parking spaces from bikes, even if I don’t see bikes parked in the racks.  But our scooters are SO much more susceptible to theft than motorcycles, so many of us try to lock to something.  They actually make parking racks specifically for scooters/motorcycles. PTW parking  Here’s just one example.

This is another project of mine.  There needs to be a public document (a written report and a shorter ppt) that highlights good examples in U.S. cities (maybe intl too) regarding PTW parking.  (Powered two wheeler, so both motorcycles and scooters)  Then this can be given to city councils, mayors, transportation engineers to explain this issue to them, and show them what to do to fix it.  I’m happy to put this together, but it will go quicker if others help.  Anybody out there want to do some “research” (google) about what other cities do?

And if you want some discussion about this in other cities, go to a recent Modern Vespa thread about parking in different cities.

2 responses to “scooter parking in Columbus

  1. Great site! I’ve been doing something similar.
    Learn about scooter parking in Lancaster, PA:

  2. Gerry, excellent. I’m working on setting up a wiki-type project for scooter parking all over the U.S. I’ll send you an email, maybe you can help me with it. Worst case, once it’s running you can update it for Lancaster!

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