Gear up

Others in the scooter world have commented on it, but I will say that New Enough, an internet-only store looks really good.  I haven’t bought from them yet, but I’m sure I will.  They have a no-hassle return policy, which takes out some of the sting of buying gear online.  Be sure to check their closeouts section. 

I’ve written about Iron Pony before.  They are here in Columbus and I realized how lucky we are to have them here during Scoot-A-Que.   See how big it is?The ponySeveral riders from elsewhere (Cincy, Dayton, Cleveland, etc) went to Iron Pony during their visit and were “overwhelmed” with the selection.

Iron Pony currently has a huge clearance sale of Textile jackets.  The smallest sizes of the super expensive Gore-tex stuff I saw was 40.  (Supposedly these jackets start out at $400+, they are on sale for $150ish.)  So while those jackets are too big for me, it’s not just for 6′ tall people.  They do have some similar jackets in women’s sizes, but I wasn’t sold on them.  With cooler temperatures approaching, a textile jacket may be a good upgrade from your mesh jacket.

The Pony has a 30 day return policy, although clearance items are “as is” with no returns or credits or anything.  The biggest advantage to me is that you can take your time trying on clothes and figuring out the right size before buying.

At some point later I’ll post about cold weather gear (gloves, windshield install, lap aprons, etc)… anybody have any suggestions?

p.s. I’m getting rid of the “fun” category.  Really everything scooter related is fun to me, except maybe some of the safety stuff.


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