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Arlington Bank parking lot Bike Night

From the folks that bring you EuroBike Night

There will be a special bike night on Saturday, 6/28, when we will be meeting on the parking lot of The Arlington Bank on Grandview Ave. just south of W. Fifth Ave.  We will have two bands for live entertainment and lots of other activities all up and down Grandview Ave.  This event will begin at 4pm and run till at least 9pm.

As usual, there will be prizes being drawn and Tshirts for sale.

(hat tip to Mike for the info)

Euro Bike Night, now with Ducati

Tomorrow is another Euro Bike Night – 

Ducati will be coming to Grandview Euro Bike Night with the Duc Truck.  They will be bringing along 14 Hypermotards for qualified riders to test ride… The rides should begin at 6pm.

There will also be prizes for free and T-shirts for sale.

(hat tip to Mike for all the info)

Just do it

Don’t talk, do it.  Don’t plan, do it.

Well, OK sometimes you do have to plan.  And sometimes you do have to talk.  Chatting about a topic with several people usually nets you better ideas than if you just think by yourself.  So one of my pet projects is getting scooter parking here in Columbus… so as part of helping that cause I “made” a website this past weekend.  Without further ado –

Go to it.  Comment.  Share your ideas, whether you are in Columbus or not.

Getting parking and going to camp

1. Columbus needs scooter parking.  (I know, that’s not news.)  The news is that a group of people have met and we’re working towards getting scooter parking.  (Technically scooter and motorcycle parking.)  I will post more news about this, including the new website that we’ll be using to coordinate our efforts and share information.  Details at 11.  Ha ha.  No, details tomorrow.

2. If you are interested in blogs/using the web/video/podcasting/ “social media tools” then you should attend the Pod Camp Ohio.  This event is free, and it’s in Hilliard.  True it’s held the Saturday of Comfest, but you can always go another day or after the Pod Camp is over.  (It’s basically 9 AM – 6 PM.)  I will be attending.  Now I can tell everyone that I’m “going to camp.”  Camp is always fun, right?  Beginners are welcome.

3. Modern Vespa ride this Sunday.  North Market 12 noon.  Non-vespas are welcome.

Editorial comment: For various reasons, I am in a flipping good mood.  *happy dance*  Yay!!

Ride safe this weekend!

Ride to Work Day

Looking into the future… get ready for this year’s Ride To Work Day.  Mark your calendars, it’s Wednesday July 16th.  One of their key issues, BTW, is getting people to recognize scooters and motorcycles need our own parking.  Not like that’s ever an issue here in metro Columbus.  </sarcasm>

I may try to do a little video about it.  We shall see.

don’t park at Pearl Alley

sorry I was gone for a while.  just busy.  more normal posting will now resume.

In case you don’t ever go downtown, the City had a big crackdown on the parking in Pearl Alley.  Not surprisingly I think it’s…. ill-advised. If they did this at the same time (or really after) unveiling new secure scooter and motorcycle parking it would be a different story.

Dispatch article

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