Friday yea baby

I’m adding a link to Scoot-A-Que photos on the Scoot-A-Que page.  A quick rundown of some upcoming events… and then a video to kick off the weekend!  Ride safe everybody!

Today (Friday 9/21) from 10 AM – 6 PM there is a bicycling event going on at OSU, 15th and High Street.  More info here.  (Not directly scooter related, but I know you can deal.)

Next Tuesday (9/25) there is a EuroBike Night going on at Grandview.  6 PM at the Bank Block, Grandview Ave and West 2nd Ave. Despite the name, it is open to all, even scooters, and non-Euro scooters.

And, as promised, here is a fun video.  I like music more than videos, but this vid is OK for work.  Not that you’re spending company time looking at this website, hmmmm?

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