Friday lowriders and war

Reminder: Oct. 15th is the deadline for the Vespa-run video contest.  Make an ad for Vespas, around 2 minutes long, maybe mention some Vespanomics.  More info here:  Or go straight to the source:

All videos directly shown in this posting are safe for work.  Yay! 
War!  What is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!
So sang the group War in one of their songs.  Here’s another song of theirs.

I confess an admiration for lowrider culture.  That includes hydraulics. 

And to bring it back to scooters, here is a scooter with hydraulics.  It just doesn’t have the same bounce as the cars, and even if I won the lottery I would not add hydraulics to my scooter.  But it is kinda funny to watch.

If you are curious about hydraulics, you might be interested in this video posted by the Chicago History Museum.  It focuses on lowriders in certain Mexican/Mexican-American/Chicano communities in Chicago.  Hydraulics and lowriders are also popular in some African-American communities, so it’s not Latino specific.

Ride safe this weekend!

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