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Open Space meetings sound like a weird hippy concept, but it is growing on me.  I have been to two such events, and they were good.  More about Open Space meetings.  If you are here in Columbus and have a “blog” you are welcome to attend next Monday night’s meeting.  Your blog does not at all have to be about scooters.  The event is hosted by WOSU and COSI and (as I understand it) they want to see how they can help us or partner with us “bloggers” and more importantly Columbus as a community.

After the break there is more about what they are trying to do… from the announcement for the first meeting.  Note this is not scooter-focused at all, or even transportation focused.  It’s much more general than that.

We at WOSU and COSI have been wondering how we could do more to help our community cope with some challenging issues. We asked ourselves:

What if we — your local public broadcaster and science museum — and those of you who are the local blogging experts got together and learned how to use Social Media to bring back that great American tradition of the community taking charge of its own problems?

Here’s what we’re wondering:

Could we use social media and our many talents and resources to breakthrough the bureaucratic barriers that seem to block so much local reform?

Could we gain enough support and understanding to shift our education system so that our children are equipped to face the sometime harsh realities of the world?

Could we start to make sense of what our aging population, our health care system and even our food system may mean to us?

What other issues should we be discussing with an eye toward change?

Many local bloggers have deep subject knowledge and are also part of existing communities that also care and know a lot.

We have a big megaphone—radio and web site—and some great resources—a centrally located facility with cutting-edge technology (studios and a mediaLab) that we could add to the mix.

Can you imagine what we might be able to do together?



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