Web searches for scooter sites

doggie on scooter   A real post will be coming tomorrow.  I have been busy with my dog, although sadly not scootering with my dog.  Of course if you must scooter with the dog, give it safety equipment (shown above) such as dog-sized helmet and goggles.  They really do sell this stuff!  The photo below is from Taiwan, where this dog looks quite calm and the owner is at least wearing some sort of helmet.  However, let the record show I do not condone this type of dog scootering.

dog on scooter without goggles

It’s funny to see how people find my site.  Lots of neon searches, including “DO YOU SOME NEON LIGHT.”  (Their caps, not mine.)  “Scooter met neon licht” which I believe is German for “Scooter with neon light.”  I know I still have not posted the neon instructions, but it’s coming.  Another great search today was “cars that run on peanut butter.”  I am about to search for that myself and see if those exist! 


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