At the gas pump

Scooters save gas money.  My previous car got 30 mpg, considered good here in the U.S.  Hybrids are supposed to get in the 50s.  My scooter gets in the 80s, at worst.  How do I know this?  Do I trust the Kymco ad?  No.  I calculate the gas mileage, and you can too.  It’s not hard to do.  (Rap album here I come!)

Write down your mileage when you fill up.  Write down how much gas you put in your vehicle.  Keep doing it at every fill up.  Divide the difference in mileage (miles) by the gas amount (gallons) to get your mpg (miles per gallon).  Don’t just do it once, an average is more accurate.  C’mon people, it’s just a little math, don’t be scared!

Here’s a tip for when you fillup, don’t stick the nozzle all the way into your scooter tank.  Mine kept cutting off, until I adjusted my technique.  Stick just the tip of the gas nozzle in and squeeze the trigger slowly.  Stop when you think you are close and check the level of gas.  With practice you will know how much your scoot tank can hold, and how many miles you can go before you are in danger of running out.

(I actually purposefully drove my car empty one time, which was stupid, but it did let me know I could go about 360 miles before getting stranded.  Of course, this varies depending on how you drive, jackrabbit vs. steady, freeways vs. local roads…)

And if you are in a car, don’t trust the thing to automatically shut off.  I was at a gas station when chumpie left his car unattended, and the gas proceeded to pee all over the side of his car.  Whether it was automatic or a worker being observant, the gas station shut off gas to all of the pumps.  A good safety thing of course, but bad for those of us in a hurry to gas up.

Scooter safe this weekend!


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