Grandview EuroBike Night

panorama of Eurobike night Today (10/30) is the last EuroBike Night of the year, in Grandview.  6 PM at the Bank Block, Grandview Ave and West 2nd Ave. Despite the name, it is open to all, even scooters, and non-Euro scooters.  Usually the Modern Vespa group (Easy Peasey is their name) go on a ride around 7 PM.

As the winter weather rolls in, many casual riders stop riding.  To make up for the decrease in events (group rides, rallies) I will be interviewing various folks.  First interview will be posted in a bit, with a Columbus rider who rides year-round, yes even in the winter.


2 responses to “Grandview EuroBike Night

  1. Riding in the winter is more fun and more manageable than most people think. The storing of motorcycles and scooters for the winter doesn’t have to be an absolute rule though many treat the arrival of sub 70 degree weather as an indication to do so.

    Year round riding is an adventure!

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  2. Steve, I couldn’t agree more! While it takes a few more minutes to gear up now than it did in the summer, riding is still fun!

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