Friday fun. what can you carry?

This post was inspired by this photo.  Sadly, I do not have such a setup for carrying my bicycle on my scooter.
bike on scooter

Now what else can we carry?  One excuse people make to not get a scooter is that they need their SUV to carry their 3 bags of groceries.  (I realize some people have legitimate reasons for needing a car, at least sometimes.  That’s not who I’m poking fun of here.)  Here are several photos, probably originally taken by someone else, but provided here from Columbia Scooters (Portland Oregon).  (I’m just going to ignore the total lack of proper gear.)

 carrying a bed framecarrying greens

 5 people on a motorcyle

So tell me again you can’t carry your 3 bags of groceries on your scooter.  (Source:


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