Scooter parking article in Columbus Alive

I’m gonna be honest, today I’m feeling lazy.  (Translation: I have too much other stuff to do.)  So I’m just gonna quote the recent scooter parking article in Columbus Alive (shown in italics)…

“Columbus City Councilwoman Maryellen O’Shaughnessy agrees that the city needs to examine scooter parking.”  Yay! Support from a politician, this is key.

“What if you had one parking space [on city lots] that was allotted for scooters?” asked O’Shaughnessy, who often rides to work on a moped. “You could get quite a few in there. There are other cities that are doing this. What we need to do is study how they are accommodated in other cities.”

Read the full article at:

If you like the stats, see my previous posting on stats here:

And yes, I’m still working on the “best practices guide.”  Tell me if you want to help.


2 responses to “Scooter parking article in Columbus Alive

  1. Good article! =) I really like the one parking space per city lot idea. It’s something small that the city can do to benefit a lot of scooters.

  2. Linda,
    yea it’s a good idea. Thanks for reading.

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