Hocking Hills ride this Sunday

This Sunday at 10 AM there is a group of scooterists (and at least 1 motorcycle) going on a trip to Hocking Hills.  It’s famous for its twisty turns.  “Sunday, October 21st, is our first annual Hocking Hills ride.  We will be meeting at the White Castle on High Street and Arcadia at ten o’clock in the morning.  As always, all scooters are welcome.  We plan to ride slower than usual but there will be places where we hit 55 mph.  Expect the ride to take most of the day, I imagine we will be back [to Columbus] not later than four o’clock.”

Let them know you’re going by posting on the board: http://www.modernvespa.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14492&start=200

And since it’s Wednesday, here’s a completely unrelated video.  I tried to find a good one of motorcycles in Hocking Hills, but the ones I found were boring.  This song is called Magalenha and is by Sergio Mendes.  Definitely not boring.


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