how to stand out at night

My mostly-fun purple neon lighting is 95% cool and only 5% safety.  However, there are many other things you can do to help yourself stand out at night. 

scooterist with reflective tape on him   Granted, it won’t mean that the cagers will see you, because they may not.  But every little bit helps.  (I’ve read that people in accidents with big yellow school buses say “I never saw the bus” so you can see what we’re dealing with!)  Here are a few ideas.

reflective wheels

The reflective wheel kit sold by Columbia Scooters (Portland Oregon shop) is the first item on their accessories page (just click on the pic).  And for the Kymco fans out there, they also run this website, which seems a little sparse but it’s nice to see.

halo   The halo band is an easy mod, it looks “normal” during the day and obviously stands out at night.  It has been glowingly approved by webBikeWorld, girlbike, and is even endorsed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.  Buy it online (multiple sites) or at your local store.

Another common mod is to add reflective stickers to your topcase, or even better, setup your brake lights so that a light on your top case comes on whenever you tap the brakes.  Like a third brake light.*

There’s lots more you can do, like getting reflective stickers and adding them to your scooter, and your own gear.  I always keep one of those traffic cop/construction worker vests in my trunk so that if it’s dark I can throw it on over my regular gear.  Just remember, if you wear a backpack that doesn’t have reflectors on it, then your back will appear dark.  (I actually put the safety vest on over my backpack, if I’m wearing one.)

* Useless automotive trivia for ya: these are called CHMSL’s in trucks, which stands for Center High Mount Stop Light.


2 responses to “how to stand out at night

  1. Hi all-
    I ride a scooter to and from work. I used to wear a reflective vest that construction workers wear. I felt seen but a little uncool. So I designed a simple yet fun reflective vest. I wear when I scooter and when I bicycle. I started selling them–check them out at
    I am even lining them with funky faux fur–email me about it, they are special orders.

  2. Robin,
    Thanks for the info. I’ll do a post on them soon.

    if you also have a safety (or scooter-related) product, feel free to leave a comment as Robin has. She did it the right way, not spamming every posting. And her product clearly relates to the post. Good saleswomanship!

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