parking spotlight: San Francisco

As you may or may not know, I’m trying to get scooter parking here in Columbus.  Several of us are volunteering our time* to learn what other cities do, and we hope to put together a “best practices guide” that will show Columbus examples to follow.  (I know, I know, wouldn’t it be great if we just did our own thing without copying others?  Maybe someday.)  So eventually that guide will go to City of Columbus Transportation engineers, although of course it will be useful for other municipalities, here in Central Ohio and beyond.  Leave a comment if you’d like to help, you don’t have to be in Columbus, you just have to know how to google.  🙂

There’s a transportation focused blog (for Columbus) that had a short posting on scooter parking in San Francisco, one of our example cities.  Good photos too.  Go read it:

* It’s really kind of sad that no group or company has put together a comprehensive guide.  (Yes I’m looking at you, Piaggio and the Motorcycle Industry Council.)  There is this group ( that has some information, but it’s not comprehensive and it’s a 501c4.  This type of guide should already exist, so that we can focus on just getting a petition going and lobbying our politicians.  Instead we also have to educate the traffic engineers.


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  2. San Francisco scooter/minibike ride 3/1/08

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