The focus of this website is that scooters are a form of sustainable transportation.  I know they are not as sustainable as walking or biking, but they are better than driving a car.  I also post about events in Columbus (scooter rides and other), scooter gear I really like, and my pet project, scooter parking.

I ride a silver Kymco People 150.  (That’s a Taiwanese scooter.)  Top speed is 65-70 mph, and typical mileage is 80-90 mpg.  It’s the best looking scooter in the photo above.  🙂The photo was taken in Central Ohio August 4th, on a group ride.  (Hey Modern Vespa!) There are 6 scooters: 1 Honda Helix (the big one), 2 Kymcos, 2 Vespas, and 1 Bajaj.

I’m in Central Ohio, metropolitan Columbus, and no I don’t call it CB**. 


Please note I am not affiliated with any particular store, brand, club, or website.  I make no money or anything off you visiting or buying from anyone.  In other words, I am independent.  I don’t even get freebies, as in “try out this seat cushion for free, and write a review of it on your site.”

8 responses to “About

  1. I like your blog. Upload some photos!!!

  2. Nice links and articles, I love hearing a girls viewpoint, so much is written by guys. I like that my scoot is low-emissions/low gas consumption besides being a cool ride(Kymco People 250, gunmetal grey)….

  3. Linda, yes I’m hoping to get more photos loaded. Just got a flickr account, that should help.

    Sally, yes I think we need more female scooter writers (bloggers). Can’t beat the gas consumption! Ride safe on your People 250!

  4. Meredith, interesting article/blog posting. I will be commenting on this in a bit. Thanks for reading!

  5. Hello all,

    Tuesday, May 20th, 6-9 pm is the next Grandview Euro Bike Night. Hope to see you all there and spread the word. All makes and models of motorcycles and scooters welcome!

  6. Hi, there’s no public email on your pages. I’d like to get in touch with you regarding our Twowheelsblog and Eurocarblog. Two Wheels Blog is for readers interested in what’s happening on the motorcycling scene in Italy. If interested, you might contact me. Thanks, Gianluca

  7. I went to the cycle store in Hilliard. They told me “we only sell REAL motorcycles”. Strange that they had a scooter with a “sold” sign in front of the store.

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