Kymco People S200 Maintenance – Spark Plug

Here is a great maintenance report from my significant other.  He has a Kymco People S200, not my People 150.  Below is his maintenance report on changing his spark plug.

Recently, I was having problems getting my scooter started. After checking the battery voltage and a few other things, I decided to take a look at the spark plug. The operator and repair manual were of little help, instructing the owner to “remove the spark plug” without much direction as to how to get there. Granted, I had a repair manual for the People 150, but they are basically the same underneath it all.

After removing the seat and looking around, I decided to document the process for anyone else that might want to try this. If you are not comfortable poking around your scooter’s components, talk to your mechanic. 

Tools you will need: Phillips- and flat-head screwdrivers, metric Allen wrenches (5-7mm), 10mm hex socket with ratchet, and the spark plug tool, which should be with the small tools set that came with the scooter.  Full directions with more photos on the flipside…

  1. Disconnect the battery. You will have to remove the 2 screws that hold the battery panel below the seat.
  2. Remove the trunk if you have one.
  3. Remove the 3 nuts and 2 bolts that secure the seat.View under seat
  4. Pull the cell phone charger jack (shown above) and undo the wire connector. This will allow you to completely remove the seat and set it aside.
  5. Remove the 3 bolts holding the cargo bracket. In the picture below, the black plastic piece is the holder for the trunk on my scooter.
  6. Remove the 2 nuts holding the tail light and rear splash shield.
  7. Remove the 2 screws, one on each side, that hold the splash shield. Undo the tabs securing the splash shield to the body panel. Be careful not to damage them, as they are plastic.
  8. Undo the cover joint claws / tabs on the front side, near the passenger’s foot rest. Be careful not to damage them, as they are plastic.
  9. Undo the tail light connector.
  10. Slide the body panel off and set it aside.
  11. Remove the spark plug wire by lightly pulling on it.
  12. Remove the spark plug with the spark plug tool. You can see the spark plug in the top center of the picture.
  13. You are halfway there! After installing the new spark plug, connect the battery and verify that the scooter will start and operate correctly. If it does, you just saved some money and had fun by doing the job yourself! Repeat the steps in reverse order and you are done!

20 responses to “Kymco People S200 Maintenance – Spark Plug

  1. Steve in Oklahoma City

    I love your pictorial about disassembly of the People S200. We recently purchased a 2007 S2oo down in Dallas, but the owner did not have a manual (seems to be a common occurrance). I have been looking at adding some extra LED lighting to the GIVI trunk on my S200 and now I can get going! THANKS!

  2. Thanks for the step by step guide. I was wondering the same thing today while doing an oil change and some general maintenance. I then wanted to check the sparkplug but had no idea where it would be after some frustrating searching. But next weekend I will be checking/replacing the sparkplug by using your guide. Thanks.

  3. Ditto here. My People 200S was starting to balk at starting, and I suspected the spark plug. As a technical writer myself, whoever approved the Kymco user manual should be shot..first of all, it is obvious the translator is not a native English-speaker. Then as is said above, ‘remove the spark plug’ and there was no picture or clue where it was. The guide above opened my eyes, and I thank you. Bill V., Florida

  4. Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. I’ve problem with my motorcycle startup. My People is under warranty, I said that to service center but he doesn’t care and said that to me : don’t worry, everything is OK. But it’s don’t Ok. Plus fuel consumption is too high. ~5 lt / 100 Km (only with one person, ~80 km per hour) So after reading your instructions, I decided to check spark plug. Thanks again. By the way what’s your fuel consumption?

    saidsaid but I suspect my

  5. Thank you very much for the detailed description on how to change the spark plug.
    I fiured out everything. However, after removing the nuts and screws of the real splash shield I could not undo the tabs securing the splash shield to the body panel. Please, if possible, explain how to do it. I tried to move the parts back and forth, pull, push … it did not help.

    Thank you

  6. Thanks for the tips! They are really helpful.

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  8. Does anybody know where I could locate a User Manual for a 2007 KYMCO 250 CC Peoples.

  9. Good day,
    Can I safely assume that if your significant other is a “he” you therefore
    are a she, (not as my mother used to say,” she is what the cat dragged in”).

    May I congratulate you on a fine contribution to the Kymco scooter owner/s world, seldom afforded to most, eg, someone who freely gave of their thinking, knowledge, experience, time and energy, a example of that
    which Kymco themselves should be affording people who purchase their
    machines as new, which would/could be passed on to 2nd hand buyers such as myself, a newbie, eg, for a People S200
    Your contribution should be seen as inspirational by Kymco, but then, you
    know, the dealers/repairers would not be happy about that.
    So, rather than repeat, all of the aforementioned expressions of appreciation is very much seconded by myself and some, thank you very much.

    Dave, from Durban South Africa

  10. How to change and add brake fluid on a 2008 Symco People 200 sold in USA?

  11. would any one know where to by an oil drain plug (GY6) and it’s Robber “O” Ring (Sealing washer) for the Kymco people 200?

  12. Thanks for the plug info,they tell about the plug cleaning and thats it.Foreign products ah. Thanks again Don in N.Y.

  13. Can you start kymco peoples s200 with kick starter with no battery,also what is the tire pressure in front and back in psi? Thank you

    • I’ve had my people s 200 for a few year now & have only ever been able to kick start it once. Have tried it many, many times but only got it once. have asked my local service centre about this as well, and they told me they have hardly ever got them to kick start as well.
      Wonder why they have it for
      Regards Craig

  14. Not bad, but you have gone over board just to change a spark plug.
    All you had to do is remove the seat, thus allowing enough room to remove / install the new spark plug.
    Saves you a heap of time removing all the body paneling.

  15. My kymco people s 200 has a service light flashing. I recently changed the oil. Is there a sensor to say oil needs to be changed that I would have to reset? Or do you have any ideas about why it could be flashing service? Thank you.

  16. Kymco s200 does have a service sensor that indicates that it needs to be serviced. I dont have the manual with me but you have to reset it at the speedometer.

  17. Thanks for the pics! My scooter won’t start with the button, but it kickstarts and runs fine. Do you think this is a spark plug problem?

  18. Have you check your battery? If bad spark plug it would not start with kick start.

  19. I am thinking about using synthetic oil. Is this OK? Anybody know for sure?

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