Scooter safety article

A letter-to-the-editor was printed in the Dispatch.  You can read the full article HERE.

I do agree with him that scooters should not be treated as toys.  Unless it’s a bicycle and you can’t go more than 15 mph, you need to be wearing gear.  At the very least, you need to be wearing pants and shoes and a helmet.

That said, I think more needs to be done to offer safety courses.  The link he provides to safety courses is good.  I encourage you to take a class if you haven’t already, they even offer classes for experienced riders, like a refresher course.  (Hey, I just realized I probably have enough miles that I could take that with a straight face!)  But you will have to try as a walk-on for the class.  About 2 minutes after these classes are posted in like February, they all fill up.  I think walking on is easy, but it’s no sure thing.  If you and 10 other people show up, you probably all aren’t going to be able to walk-on.

That reminds me, there are plans to offer a scooter-focused class, which would be nice for people who don’t need/want to learn how to shift their modern/automatic scooter.  I need to go dig up that email and find out what’s going on with that.

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