Ride to Work Day

Looking into the future… get ready for this year’s Ride To Work Day.  Mark your calendars, it’s Wednesday July 16th.  One of their key issues, BTW, is getting people to recognize scooters and motorcycles need our own parking.  Not like that’s ever an issue here in metro Columbus.  </sarcasm>

I may try to do a little video about it.  We shall see.

2 responses to “Ride to Work Day

  1. Maybe the lack of proper scooter parking is a due to a lack of understanding of our needs. That’s why I made this: http://scootlancaster.blogspot.com/2008/06/motorbike-parking-design-criteria.html
    Feel free to pass it along to whomever will do something good with the information.

  2. Thank you Gerry.
    Excellent work!

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