Buying Tips

There is growing interest in scooters, and I wanted to share some tips about buying.  I think here in Columbus it is best to figure out what type of scooter you want (for example 150 cc, used low-mileage Vespa).  It is more important to get a scooter you like than to worry too much about which store to buy it from.  (Although, of course if you want a new Vespa then odds are you’ll be buying from MotOhio.)

A test drive is a must, and it goes without saying that you must see it in person if buying used.  Be careful with Craigslist postings.  I saw many photos posted of “Kymco” scooters or “Honda” scooters and the photo was obviously some other brand of scooter.  Do you research, don’t get burned.  Take a friend with you who scooters if you can’t test drive it yourself.  (Check the top speed, very important.)

Not sure what scooter you want?  Ask yourself some questions –

why do you want to buy a scooter?  Is it for fun summer riding – when there’s no rain are you itching to ride around in the countryside?  Is it for daily commuting, getting to work/school and running your errands?

Are you interested in a vintage scooter, and you won’t care if it doesn’t always start reliably?  Are you interested in tinkering with your scooter, or do you have a friend who is a mechanic?

Are you interested in the style of your scooter, are you planning on doing special paint jobs and adding lots of cool stickers?  Or is it more about having a scooter that you like the looks of, but you aren’t planning on spending extra money on its looks?

What top speed do you want to go?  Are you comfortable shifting or do you want an automatic?  (If you can already drive a motorcycle that shifts – most of them – then consider if you want to switch to an automatic with your scooter?)

Good Links: (Unfortunately not all of these models are available for test rides here in Columbus.)

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