For the bicyclists

A bit off topic if you are a hard-core scooterist, but here is a website that breaks down the costs between riding a bike and driving a car.  Note that I don’t pretend that riding my scooter is as environmentally-friendly or as healthy (exercise-wise) as riding a bicycle.  I think his breakdown of costs could be a good model to follow for a car vs. scooter breakdown.  Which I will finish one of these days.  🙂

2 responses to “For the bicyclists

  1. Hello ,

    First off, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I’ve been considering getting a scooter myself, and have been trying to sell the idea to the little woman. With the ever-increasing price of gas, this has been getting easier all the time.

    You were correct about not talking about the environmental friendliness about the motor scooter. Although, I know one person using a tiny motor to get around; you wouldn’t think that it’s not as polluting as that same person in a SUV. It certainly doesn’t use-up the same amount of gas.

    There was a big controversy where I live here in Portland, Oregon about a local newspaper article about a comparison between an SUV and a 2-stroke scooter. It’s kind of interesting about the studies conducted about how polluting some of these scooters are, especially those 2-cycle classics that people love so much.

    Thank you again, and please keep up the good work.

    –Rick Rudge

  2. Thanks for reading Rick. You never know, you may start out “convincing” your “little woman” and end up chasing her on rides. I got my scooter first and then my husband got his after seeing how much fun it was.

    At any rate, yea I’ve seen that article. I think it’s a very poorly done study, and I don’t trust it very much. At any rate, if you are going to scooter, do it right. Get one bigger than a 50 cc, so you can go faster than 35 mph. And if you want to hurt the environment a little less, get a 4-stroke engine. If you want the retro style there are several newer models that have that “look.”

    Right now I don’t trust this wweek article. But I also don’t trust the emissions numbers that manufacturers post on their websites. I’m still looking for an objective source… any ideas?

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