Driving a car stinks

I currently take the bus most days.  Last week I drove (a car)  a few days and it stunk.  I really dislike dealing with all the other “drivers” who are usually pre-occupied with other things like their cell phone or makeup or their child’s toy.  Soon enough I will try out scootering, because even if it’s the same route and the same stupid cagers, I know from before that scootering makes me happy.

At any rate, this isn’t the most news-worthy post.  Not that I ever claimed to be a journalist.  Please visit this lovely Columbus-focused site for all of your transportation news fixins… including occasional scooter news.

Which reminds me, if you don’t usually drive (but have a license) you can rent a car from Zipcar, currently with 15 different cars at OSU’s campus.  www.zipcar.com  If you don’t get it read the posts on Xing Columbus to get up to speed.  (It’s car sharing, so you don’t own the car, you pay to use it but gas and parking on campus is free.)


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