Bus challenge

Here in Columbus our gorgeous weather is dying down a bit now.  We are now looking at a more typical-for-January 30s and 40s for the rest of this week.  Sadly I did not scooter Monday, because I started a new job and didn’t want their first impression of me to be “what is all that gear?  Is she like a StormTrooper?”

Until I get a little more comfortable at work, I am planning to take the bus and possibly carpool to get to work.  (Winter weather doesn’t help either.)  I am working in the general downtown area, so the bus works fairly well.  (If I had to commute from one suburb to another, it would be a different story.)  I am in a one-car household and the default is that I don’t get the car.  With zipcar and the scooter and the bus and rides from the husband (and occasionally using the car) I don’t think it is a problem at all.

Columbus writer Jeff is posting thoughts on his blog (urbaninfill) about his personal challenge: riding COTA more in the month of January.  He’s got a budget, sticking to $30 total for gas for his car.  He bought the $45 COTA pass, which means all local bus trips are then “free.”  He started Jan. 4th and is updating his site about his progress.

If you’re interested in joining Jeff (to save the environment, to save on gas, to read more, or just rest during your commute instead of fighting traffic) check out the following:

RideSolutions – sign up to find carpoolers you can drive or ride with

COTA – check their routes and schedules

your employer – several employers have a deal with COTA, so that their monthly bus passes are cheaper.  If you walk in off the street the passes are $45 local and $62 express.  Buying it through your company could be much much cheaper.

Zipcar – finally up and running (after the transition from Flexcar) here in Columbus

My scooter season is far from over, but for now Neela is not going to be out as much as usual.  *sigh*


3 responses to “Bus challenge

  1. Don’t worry about the impressions. Fully geared up, I am called the Darth Vader at work. I have gone to interviews where HR thought I was stripping as I took my gear off 😉


  2. James, thanks for reading. Yea, I wore a suit for my first day so it was going to be an extra pain to take it on the scooter, and then unpack it. No way to avoid wrinkles!! Going in your gear to an interview, now that takes chutzpah!

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