The Google

I track my stats using the simple wordpress setup.  I last posted on Thursday, which I figured was more than enough with the holidays.  Boy was I wrong!  Wednesday was a lull, then Thursday was high, and Friday was a new record.  So not to become too stat-obsessed, but for anyone else out there who writes, don’t assume the holidays will be quiet.  Of course, with search engines like “The Google” you can find interesting posts that I wrote months ago, and that can keep your interest until I start posting new.

Perhaps the fabulous-ness of my blog is becoming more well-known, and the increase is due to that.  Eh, except that this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, when I hardly ever post) there was almost no traffic.

OK, enough about that.  Hope you had a great holiday, mine was good!  One of the google searches that found my site today was “motorcycle vs car sustainability.”  Yay!  That’s exactly the point of my site!  (Not that I have definitely analyzed it.)  And someone posted a comment for the scooter calculator post with a link to a “save gas with your scooter” calculator.  It’s good but not great.

The power of “the internets.”  Seriously.  I just spent 10 minutes, found a great website for creating my own online calculator… and awaaaay we go.  Next post will be the debut of the brilliant new scooter calculator.  Here’s the calculator, very cool stuff:


4 responses to “The Google

  1. That is awesome that you’re getting a lot of good, relevant traffic to your site! Keep up the great work! I enjoy reading it even though owning a scooter is still just a nice idea for me. Maybe in 2008 I will join you and everyone else and finally get one! 😉

  2. Walker,
    Thanks man. I still get the occasional “how do I make peanut butter?” searchers coming to my site. 🙂 Yes, get a scooter!

    And one of these days I will re-find the baby/toddler/small child getup I saw for motorcycles and scooters, and then post about it.

  3. this is ryan from john dawson associates. i was out hunting down some inspiration earlier and missed your call. my apologies! i’d love to chat, though. call or email anytime! cheers. (ps the internets are powerful, indeed.)

    (Edited by Calle13 to remove my real name…)

  4. Ryan, yes sorry I haven’t responded yet, I just had things to take care of. I’ll chat with you soon. Thanks for reading. (p.s. I removed my name from your comment just because I’m weird about privacy.)

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