Other Paper highlights female motorcyclists

The Other Paper strikes again!  This week’s issue has a cover story called “chicks on hogs.”  I have some minor gripes about it, but it’s good to see women motorcyclists being highlighted.  Nice to see that “old-fashioned” men can still be …. (ahem) jerks.

“… the Ohio Department of Public Safety reports that the number of female motorcyclists in the state has risen by 28 percent in the last five years. “


“Over the course of the past five years, the women coming in are buying more gear,” said Barbie Kindle, C&A’s motorclothes manager. She added that safety equipment has seen a sharp increase as well.”

My gripes are (1) that there are many types of motorcycles besides Harley-Davidsons (and that’s not even talking about scooters) and (2) way too much focus on “if I ride a motorcycle guys will notice me and then my life will have meaning!”

I’ll end with a quote I really agree with…

[Dana Besece, owner of the Plain City C&A Harley-Davidson store says] “When people see me, they’ll say, ‘You don’t look like a biker.’ Well, what does a biker look like?”


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