Good boots

my Teknic Stinger boots   I don’t like to write alot about specific gear, other sites do a better job of that.  If you are really into it you already have a system (email alerts, weekly checks, etc) to monitor your favorite stores/online sites.  But as a female with small-ish feet, I wanted to have a post about my boots.  As you may have read earlier ( my boots were a big help in a minor accident.  My current sneakers are size 7.5, and I wear a Eur 38 in these Teknic Stinger Boots.

Iron Pony (here in Columbus!) has these women’s boots on clearance.  According to their website they still have them in sizes (Eur) 36-40, for $60.  If you aren’t in Columbus you can still buy them online. 

I got these boots because they don’t look crazy (“I ride offroad and have 10 different colors on my boots!”) but they also like more serious than some boots (“Aren’t my boots so chunky and cute???”).

Ready for the final sales pitch?  Here is the blurb, from Iron Pony’s website:

“Hand Crafted in Italy. Ankle style boot PVC outer shell 100% Waterproof, windproof and breathable full boot “Powerskin” z liner system Front and rear ankle stretch panels Anatomical touring slant to boot for riding comfort Rounded 5mm competition sole for improved grip and feel Molded steel shank – anti-torsion and anti-crush plate in sole Calf adjustment panel with hook’ n’ loop adjustment Velcro side opening with waterproofing gusset Ankle adjustment strap with hook’ n’ loop adjustment Instep and out-step heel plates made of impact resistance nylon Reinforced shift plates Reflective Teknic T-Pod for nighttime visibility.”


2 responses to “Good boots

  1. Nice boots – I have to admit, I felt a bit guilty and a little silly after I bought my first pair of black boots for riding, but damn if they haven’t held up!

  2. Scooter Vagabond,
    I felt a little silly too, but my ankle sure was loving it during my little accident. I am still on the hunt for ones with a slightly different look, but these will do until then. Glad yours have held up!

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