scooter locks

good lock     I am a little paranoid about someone stealing my scooter.  OK, a lot paranoid.  I garage Neela every night, and I try to always lock her up to the center pole in the garage.  Out in the real world I try my best to lock her up to something sturdy, although I don’t always have that option.  I was lucky enough that my last job had free scooter parking.  What that really meant is only 2 of us ever scootered to work and we could park by the guard shack, so the guards would keep an eye on it.

I don’t trust crappy Kryptonite locks.  I paid good money for a fancy lock from England. 

Maybe it was a waste of money, but it gives me peace of mind.  Seriously… I can ride somewhere and even if the neighborhood is sketchy I know my scooter has at least a chance, because I can lock my scooter to a pole or something like that and no casual thief will be able to cut my chain.  (16 mm Series III with Squire padlock.)

more of my good lockthe padlock

Now if someone really wants your scooter, they will get it.  So don’t forget about insurance.


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